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Black Ops 2 brings new excitement with a sequel to the original COD story, with branching storylines and fresh locations. This game is easy to fall in love with, and you’ll quickly see why it grossed over half a billion dollars.

Graphics: 4.5

Though the textures and facial animation aren’t among the best, Black Ops 2 still delivers, and you’ll enjoy the game maybe without any notice of these minute flaws. The soundtrack is eclectic and there is also some punchy rock music in the background. A wide variety of locations mark the game, and you will easily get lost in the cut-throat battle scenes.

Gameplay: 4.5

Departing from the previous linear releases, Black Ops 2 is the first COD game to employ a non-linear campaign, in which player decisions affect the general outcome of the game. The game traces the 1986 cold-war plot involving Alex Mason and Frank Woods all the way to 2025 in which Mason’s son David is on a mission to stop a rogue Raul Menendez. The story takes you from warfare in Angola where Menendez is an arms dealer, to the future where he is instigating a cold war between the US and China through an organization known as the SDC.

Different culminations are depending on the actions that you take throughout the game. Different endings are possible based on the decisions that you make, and this is what makes the game especially exciting. Multiplayer and co-op are obviously the best part of the game, with teams participating in thrilling game modes such as Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag and Free for All.  

Controls: 4.5

The Xbox controls are quite effective for a fast-paced first-person shooter game like this one, staying true to the original Black Ops objective of taking out as many enemies as you can. The movement is quite fluid and responsive on the Xbox controller, and I personally found the controls quite convenient. Toggling between weapons and using gadgets is quite easy, and on-screen options also aid your various moves.

Replay Value: 5.0

This game departs from previous releases which employed a monotonous linear campaign, instead of introducing multiple arcs. The alternate endings, as well as multiplayer, obviously give this game high replay value. The unpredictability of the resultant effects of your decisions will keep you replaying trying to figure out other arcs and endings. Participating in strike-force missions apart from the main storyline also adds latitude to the game.


Black Ops 2 has a certain element of surprise to it which makes this game fun through and through and ensures you always have something to play for. Whether single player or multiplayer, it combines the original Black Ops aesthetics with newer side-dishes, broader maps, and exciting new storylines. The campaign is impressive, and the locations are better than they have ever been in any previous COD release.


  • Lateral but ultimately related storylines.
  • Cut-throat battle scenes.
  • Excellent multiplayer.
  • Strikeforce missions are quite difficult.
  • Multiplayer suffers some lags.

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