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Disney Infinity 3.0 Review. The Toy Fun


As the genre of toys-to-life gets more competitive, Disney Infinity 3.0 stands out as the game with a better selection of action figures. Here’s a full review of the series’ third entry.

Graphics: 4.5

To begin with, Disney Infinity 3.0 stands out as graphically superior. The visual aesthetic of the game is not in the characters but their toy versions. As a result, the developers used an art style in which each object and character looks like a toy. This is crucial in grasping the attention of the target audience – kids. Some of the iconic superheroes in Marvel have also been rendered in a similar art style.

Gameplay: 4.5

Disney Infinity has incredible gameplay characterized by fantastic combat. Steered by the creative and experienced hands of the Ninja Theory, the character attacks have a substantially tighter feel that’s more fluid compared to the previous games in the Infinity series. As Yoda, I found delight in pinballing between enemies to leave the collection of droids showering body parts and sparks in my wake.

When playing as Anakin, I could Force-pull shields from the hands of enemies before juggling them with breathtaking saber swings and dashing forward to give them an uppercut that sends them into the air. Notably, the enemies have visible health bars, a great addition which makes it easier for you to pick your first victims in a crowd.

While all the heroes share similar basic skill upgrades like attack strength and health boosts, the game offers loads of combos and moves that are player-specific. This makes it appealing to switch between the various characters.

Controls: 4.0

The game comes with more weight considering the finessed controls for the fighting and lightsaber duals that are complete with the ability to rebound blast fire back to the enemies. However, a section of users has termed the controls as ‘obtuse.’ Therefore, some improvements here will go a long way in making the game more enticing. That being said, I still believe that the controls are quite sufficient.

Replay Value: 4.5

The playset adventures may be relatively short, but the sandbox environments appear to have had a significant upgrade to make them seem much larger and to create good replay value. Moreover, the game has a long list of challenges, simple quests and side missions on each of the Twilight of the Republic’s four planets, for instance. Additionally, there are a couple of character-based rewards which encourage you to play as different figures.


This may be considered the best and biggest Disney Infinity with more activities for you to begin within the Toybox mode. It also has stronger playset campaigns. The Star Wars lure works pretty well for many gamers, and most consider it to be just enough. However, Infinity shines in the creative stuff to offer kids not only the opportunity to explore the worlds of Marvel, Disney, Star Wars and Pixar, but also the ability to create their own.


  • Enhanced single-player campaigns
  • Improved sidekick mechanics
  • New missions, hub tasks, and community features
  • The game has several iffy controls

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