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Donkey Kong Review: Complicated, but Fun


The classic game and the favorite title of millions, Donkey Kong is back. The gamers with experience remember Donkey Kong and his shaggy group of friends very well. All the games with these monkeys were excellent, and the secrets filled them to the top.

We have a side view, stylized cartoon graphics, three monkeys to help Donkey Kong, music by the brilliant composer David Wise, tons of hidden prizes with locations and six themed islands that need to be run, jumped, passed and flown to return to primates their home. It is obvious that there are no reasons not to download Donkey Kong. Find out even more cool details about the game in our Donkey Kong review.

Graphics — 5/5

The graphics of  Donkey Kong is stunning and appealing. Bright colors, perfectly-drawn environments, and funny characters, each with his own unique personality.

The graphics were redesigned to harmonize with the game. The environments, surroundings, and the backdrop have been passionately hand-crafted. Overall gaming experience is enhanced with lively colors: yellow bananas are hanging, green palms are waving, and so on. The game visuals worth the best compliments.

Gameplay — 5/5

Donkey Kong is about the adventures of Donkey Kong and his brethren: Cranky Kong, Diddy Kong, Dixie Kong, and others. This time, our heroes will fight the “Arctic conquerors” who turned Donkey Kong’s Island into an ice fortress.

In each level, there are many secrets hidden and items to collect. These dungeons are reminiscent of the Super Mario series. You can assemble puzzle pieces, letters KONG, and coins in each level. Donkey Kong is a classic platformer inspired by the masterpieces of NES times. Everything here is familiar to a seasoned player but brought to perfection. Maybe Retro Studios didn’t impress with fresh ideas, however, what they did was very similar to the standard platformer.

Even though the game looks cute, bright and harmless, it is a real challenge for anyone. It's no secret that the guys from Retro are inspired, as their name implies, by classic platformers, distinguished by the highest complexity. And let someone just be glad that at least some title Nintendo is not trying to become "easier", the rest of the hardcore Donkey Kong were confused with the game’s complexity.

Controls — 5/5

The Nintendo controls for Donkey Kong are as always simple and intuitive. Evidently, from the controls point of view, there won’t be any complication in moving the Donkey Kong back and forth, making him jump, surf, and collect the collectibles. All the same, things can be done with Donkey Kong mates. So you shouldn’t worry about the controls once you decided to download Donkey Kong for your Nintendo platformer.

Replay Value — 4.5/5

Are you obsessed with the Donkey Kong game? Because we are surely addicted to it. The storyline considers eliminating the invaders. Once you do this, you probably wouldn’t like to repeat the same. But wait for some time, and you will return to this addictive adventure. We guarantee.

The Bottom Line

Experience the greatest adventure together with Donkey Kong. It is fun, bright, and exciting — the best mix for all Nintendo and franchise fans.

  • Stunning graphics
  • Appealing backgrounds
  • New characters appeared
  • Challenging mission
  • Only two players can play simultaneously

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