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Fable III Review. There’s Never a Dull Moment



Fable 3 resurrects the humor that was in the earlier installments while also adding character building and a deeper storyline to the mix. In this combined action and RPG, you explore an improved Albion and delve into a richer, albeit clumsier experience.  

Graphics: 4.5

What Fable has always lacked in character, memorable action scenes or even a solid storyline it has always made up for in its beautiful graphics. Albion is still a masterpiece, and the visual experience feels like you are taking a trip through a surreal world. From Aurora to Bowerstone, the game fully captures the imagination, and you won’t get any random glitches or framerate dips which take away from the immersive visual experience.

Gameplay: 3.0

Fable has always struggled to keep up with a storyline that would bring both old and new players together in a cohesive quest, much like other RPGs. This title tries to introduce the arc of a new King in Albion, who has a bad case of the meanies and treats his citizens with utter disdain. As the brother (or sister) of this new monarch, you are tasked with reclaiming the throne, travelling through Albion and building alliances to create the ultimate army that will sweep you back into power.

The angle of moral consequences is still prevalent in the game, but this time it is not easy to see just how those choices impact your inevitable destiny as a good king. The implication is that while you may carry out actions which are seemingly evil, you won’t suffer consequences for those actions later in the game. For example, you may decide to massacre every piece of humanity in a village, but a few minutes later, citizens will be ‘curtsying’ up to your good self. This major piece of inconsistency overshadowed the game for me.

Controls: 4.0

The controls on Xbox for a role-playing game are quite effective and convenient, and they haven’t changed these since the earlier editions. The primary attacks in Fable 3, i.e., Melee, Magic, and Ranged, are easily accessed with X, B, and Y buttons. The most significant addition to the controls is the Start button which instead of pulling up a menu takes you to a sanctuary which is essentially a safe house. This is a welcome addition to the game.

Replay Value: 3.0

The lack of investment in your choices, and mostly the bad ones, makes this game very linear, and though it tries to mask this detail with humor and fun moments, older Fable players will be upset. The action is also a little closer, and you’ll enjoy the melee, but the lack of a meaningful outcome based on your choices is a disappointment. The reason I’d replay this game is Albion’s beauty which always seems to move a notch higher.


Fable 3 doesn’t have any notable additions to the gameplay, and you might be a bit disappointed if you were expecting anything greater from the franchise. You might not notice much of a difference from Fable 2, and the lack of character investment makes this game a slight downer for something marketed on moral choices. Either way, you will have tons of fun interacting with other characters or making decisions which have little effect on the end game.


  • Excellent graphics.
  • Introduction of a sanctuary as an alternative to a home menu.
  • Lack of emotional investment in characters.

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