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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas review of 2004 most iconic game


GTA: San Andreas is a game about the criminal world of a big city. Playing as CJ, you can complete a lot of quests and finally reveal why your district lost all of the value in the criminal world of San Andreas city. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas can be downloaded for different platforms: Windows and Xbox.

Graphics – 2/5

Nowadays Graphics could be rated only at 2. However, at the release moment (2004) it was great. Do not wait for great realism or something like it. Models in 2019 look poor, and some problems with Windows 10 compatibility occur. This game is not about graphics – it’s about gameplay.

Gameplay– 5/5

Compared to further GTA games storyline and gameplay features of San Andreas gameplay looks fantastic. San Andreas is about the story of an ordinary man from the wrong district. CJ (the protagonist) comes back to town and finds out that everything has changed. Drugs and weapons have filled the streets, and his hoodies lost all positions. Further, we will find out that one of them betrayed us, but now we must get the power back and get what belongs to us. The game contains a lot of different elements:

  • War of bands simulator. One of the key missions where you must attack/defend an area against a rival band. The beginning is the most interesting part of the quest, but and it gets annoying at the end. When you need to complete 5 areas before any plot mission – it’s bad;
  • Date simulator. Find the girl for yourself and build a relationship;
  • RPG elements. Not enough, but some character stats (like sprint time) are upgradable;
  • Vehicles. Different types of over-land machines and flying devices. Can be used for fun, or in some missions to speedrun the game;
  • Open world. Not that big as at Morrowind, but enough of space to explore. Really, that world looks poor, because of few types of quests spread over it.

Controls – 4/5

All was fine before the “dancing machine challenge”. Keyboard controls are good for everything except for it (NumPad buttons with inverse binding). Gamepad controls are awesome, but it is hard to plug on PC game version. Most of Grand theft auto: San Andreas reviews called game controls progressive.

Replay Value – 4/5

Just because “war of bands” starts to be annoying even in the first run. Also, the storyline doesn’t change in any way. Second and third runs may reveal different secrets of the game world. Therefore, replay value keeps being high, while you do not try to replay the storyline. Only at a 5th run a lot of players find the most interesting weapons or visit places they’ve never visited before.


Downloading Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is a great idea. Grants lots of fun and is useful as stress depressor (try some cheats and start slaughter at random San Andreas place).


  • Part of the big game universe
  • Source of best GTA features
  • Fun and interesting
  • Contains a good storyline.
  • Old graphics
  • Annoying elements (never used again in other parts of GTA).

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