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GTA IV Review: Immerse Yourself in the Criminal World


GTA IV is the fourth part of the gangster saga from Rockstar. The game tells the story of an immigrant Niko Bellic, who comes to America at the invitation of his brother, who also went to the United States in search of his dream. Download GTA IV and get into the dangerous world of crime, in search of your place under the sun.

Graphics – 5/5

The graphics in GTA IV are of very high quality. With new effects and textures, the game looks like GTA V. At the moment, it is known that the build works on the popular iCEnhancer 3.0 mod with new effects, shadows, highlights, anti-aliasing, and global illumination, as well as textures and 4K resolution.

Special attention is given to the soundtrack, which has more than a hundred different compositions.

Gameplay – 4.5/5

The protagonist, an immigrant named Niko Bellic, comes to the megalopolis of Liberty City to visit his relative Roman, who is engaged in petty scams. Here, he wants to build a new life, forget the monstrous war he took part in, and find a traitor who killed a couple of his best friends. A compassionate relative immediately offers him a job. That is how Niko earns his first money, and at the same time meets the representatives of the underworld of Liberty City.

Almost every task can be divided into three stages. The first one is car theft. The second stage is to pick up the right person. It is not difficult to find him – after receiving the task, he will appear on the map on which the GPS system will automatically pave the best path to him. The third stage is fire-fight, theft, or something similar. Compared with the previous part of the series, there are no visible changes in the gameplay.

Controls – 4/5

According to the GTA IV review, the control of the game is easy and intuitive. Driving has become realistic. You can drive cars around the city at breakneck speeds and often do not fit into the corners, while hummers move slowly but surely. This will have to be considered when completing tasks: where it is necessary to catch up with someone it is better to take a smaller car, but SUV is better if you want to drive around the city.

Replay Value – 3/5

GTA IV has average replay value. On the one hand, this is a leader among gangster action games with excellent graphics, good music, realistic driving, and exciting gunfights. On the other hand, it has a boring plot, a vague protagonist, and a bunch of similar tasks. Perhaps that is why you just want to live in Liberty City, walking around the streets, spending evenings in nightclubs, and not doing hundreds of unnecessary errands for gangsters.


GTA IV is definitely a new milestone in the gaming industry. This is the bar, which will be used as an example in the future. The game with a huge budget (more than 100 million dollars) is designed taking into account all aspects. It is about a real world, in which you want to return again and again. In this city, everyone will find something to do – some prefer to just ride the streets, listen to a great soundtrack, while others want to try the long-awaited multiplayer.

  • An improved combat system
  • An interesting game about life in the city
  • Great soundtrack.
  • Monotony of tasks
  • No power-leveling of the main character.

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