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Grand Theft Auto V Review: Simply The Best In GTA Franchise


Hot, sunny-lit streets of fictional San Andreas (California, to be honest), high palm trees, and beautiful girls walking all over there. Do you think the life in Los Santos is like heaven? Don’t delude yourself, it’s a dangerous criminal world with bad guys at every corner thinking of initiating a crime.

Who said that Los Santos is the city of the American Dream? The one who didn’t visit it. But if you downloaded Grand Theft Auto V, you already know that Los Santos is not the best place to live, but probably the best to play and to feel the real gamer’s excitement? Ready for this adventure? Read our Grand Theft Auto V review to know what is the fuss about GTA.

Graphics — 5/5

In the fifth GTA, developers again surprised players with significant graphical improvements and the tremendous attention to detail. It’s an AAA class project with the corresponding level of graphics. All the visuals, comparing to the previous GTA games, became more detailed and the textures sharper. Animations are also at height.

The high resolution enhances the gaming experience to the fullest. Just take a closer look at cars, characters, road signs, raindrops, and so on — they are all well-drawn, near to perfection. The first-person view lets you enjoy the visual performance absolutely.

Gameplay — 5/5

Grand Theft Auto V introduces three new characters to you, so you can choose any one of them to play for. They are entirely different people with unique character and background: Michael De Santa, Franklin Clinton, and Trevor Philips. But one is similar to each of them: they lead a criminal lifestyle.

In addition, Trevor, Michael, and Franklin have special abilities. Michael slows down time, Franklin goes into slow motion while riding for better maneuverability, and Trevor can reduce damage and increase damage. You can switch between characters, and it happens almost instantly and smoothly.

Grand Theft Auto V immediately throws a player in the epicenter of the criminal world. Almost every mission is a part of one big jigsaw puzzle, there are no important or unimportant missions. Some are needed to advance the plot, some to reveal the images of the characters.

The first-person and the third-person perspectives are available in GTA 5. Choose the one you like and control the character you’ve chosen. Commit various crimes such as robberies and hijackings, manage the activities of one protagonist at the moment. Switch between them anytime to proceed specific missions.

To succeed in any mission, you need to drive vehicles, use weapons, perform various motion actions, and sometimes hide away from police. The gameplay is so rapid that you won’t feel bored for a single moment.

Controls — 4/5

Grand Theft Auto 5 Xbox controls can’t be called intuitive, they really need some training before mastering them. So we are going to shed some light on them. So here is the list of initial controls you need to know to start playing.

With the Left Stick, you can go forward, strafe left, backward, strafe right. Tap A to jog, hold A to sprint. Y — to enter or exit the vehicle, B — to reload the weapon, X — to jump. To enable or disable the special ability, use Left Stick Button + Right Stick Button.

Holding D-Pad down will proceed to the character selection so that you can easily switch between Trevor, Michael, and Franklin.

It’s not a piece of cake to master all the controls from the first time. But a little bit of practice will definitely help.

Replay Value — 5/5

GTA V is the legendary game which every self-respecting gamer should take into his collection. Play it once, and you’ll get the Grand Theft Auto addiction forever. Gamers return to play this game to experience excitement from addictive gameplay and high-class graphics. With the multiplayer mode, user engagement enhances even more.   

The Bottom Line

Grand Theft Auto V has become a cult game. It is much better in terms of graphics comparing to the previous GTA releases. It is rich in content, and technical implementation, and it is really the best of all the GTA games series. There is no other game with such a plot, a variety of actions, and open-world opportunities. GTA 5 after the years after release is still the most complete and advanced game-phenomenon.

  • Astonishing graphics
  • Three bright characters to choose for playing
  • The perfect set of dialogues and cutscenes
  • Opportunities for entertaining with no connection to the main plot
  • High level of interactivity
  • Over time, the game can exhaust you

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