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Hitman HD Pack Review. Real Agent 47 Experience


If there’s a series which exhibits real progress in terms of expanding the gameplay concepts and fine-tuning mechanics, then it has to be Hitman. Here’s a full review of the pack’s two games.

Graphics: 3.5

Considering that the pack comes in HD, the graphics have definitely seen some upgrade. This mainly includes increased resolution as well as a little smoothing of the character models and environment. But compared to the eye candy of today, there’s isn’t anything that special. A good number of the old bugs are still there. For instance, patrol guards walk through each other and mouth movements don’t sync with the dialogue.

Gameplay: 4.0

The Hitman series shows true progress in expanding gameplay concepts and fine-tuning game mechanics. In both games, you’ll be controlling Agent 47 as he closes different contracts. In Silent Assassin, 47 performs hits for money and information to trace a kidnapped friend. Contracts, on the other hand, involves the agent on the verge of dying, featuring hallucinations and flashbacks to the previous missions.

One of the features I find attractive about the gameplay is that each of the missions offers an additional layer of depth. Most of them are separated by cutscenes providing some context to the next hit, and you get detailed breakdowns of all your targets. However, most of the cutscenes don’t offer anything special, and apart from Diana and 47, the performances and dialogue are mostly forgettable.

Notably, among the missions of the two games (which are thirty-two in total), the levels ‘At the Gates’ and ‘Hidden Valley’ both of Hitman 2 have some of the most significant AI issues.

Controls: 4.0

The game controls haven’t undergone any significant changes. The controls on Silent Assassin aren’t quite as polished and smooth as Contracts; thus you’ll need to tilt the stick very gently to sneak. One feature I find worthy of recognition is that I can activate running by pressing different buttons, whereas I’m always sprinting in Contracts. Moreover, for you to walk, you’ll need to go easy on the analog stick. Generally, I find the controls easy to understand.

Replay Value: 4.5

Almost every game in this series comes with loads of replay value. Since this is a Hitman pack, you can choose from numerous ways in which you can go artery level regardless of whether you’re a bull in a china shop or a ninja. Identifying all the possible ways in which you can complete a stage forms a larger component of the fun experience offered by the Hitman series.


Overall, I believe this HD collection isn’t something that you should miss out on if you’re a real gamer. For newcomers and veterans alike, the two games will definitely offer value for money, and opting to acquire the pack will be a great deal. Both games within the bundle are solid, and series veterans will definitely have an easy time controlling 47, whereas newcomers will find the games to be extremely welcoming.


  • Loads of content
  • Tons of imaginative set pieces
  • Visuals improvements are too minimal
  • Inscrutable AI

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