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Minecraft Review: It’s Time to Unleash Your Creativity


When you come to the Minecraft universe, you get all the needed tools to unleash your creativity. You get into the action-adventure sandbox with elements of survival and crafting. The power to create the whole new worlds and the unlimited possibilities to manage in them — this is all Minecraft, darling.

Want to play it? Then faster download Minecraft and read our Minecraft review to know all the details before playing.

Graphics — 4.5/5

All those who look for astonishing graphics, please, stay away from Minecraft. You won’t find here realistic visuals or well-drawn characters and environment. Instead of all those beauty — blocks and pixels. But who said blocks and pixels are not beautiful?

The real Minecraft fans find the particular sense of beauty in all these blocky visuals which create unique game aesthetics. After playing for a while, you will agree with them, understanding that this kind of graphics performance is the real game schtick. Say hello to the 8-bit era and dive into the unique Minecraft atmosphere.   

Gameplay — 5/5

This legendary game lets you create an imaginary world taken from the depths of your imagination and then explore every corner of it. There is no storyline in Minecraft, so the whole gameplay obeys your preferences.

From the blocks, you create your own universe and then furnish it to your liking. Collect various resources while exploring every part of this world to build shelters and craft weapons and vehicles. Do you see the whole Minecraft is about unlimited freedom of actions and creating?

This sandbox open world has different territories to explore like forest and seasonal forest, savanna, and desert, swamp and jungle, taiga and tundra, plains and hell.

You can even make your in-game life more complicated: just turn to survival mode. There are dangers at every corner like monsters and dragons. So you need to be very cautious while traveling through the unexplored Minecraft territories.

Controls — 5/5

The Minecraft controls are user-friendly and intuitive. They are traditional for any survival game you’ve played on your Xbox before. Minecraft controls are all about the convenient playing in any mode.

You can play Minecraft on both Xbox 360 and Xbox One Edition. Both versions require an Xbox controller to navigate through the game. We can give you some controller commands to bring you up to date. Use Left Trigger to place or use item, use Right Trigger to mine or destroy the item. With A button pressed once, you can jump, by pressing it twice quickly, you’ll fly or stop flying. D-Pad will make you fly higher or lower depending on pressing it up or down.

We should say that the controls are so easy that even kids can master them.

Replay Value — 5/5

Minecraft is the kind of games having a high index of addiction. When you get the unlimited freedom of actions, you let yourself play free from any restrictions, and it’s so fun! With all the means needed to unleash your creativity, Minecraft becomes an indispensable title in your collection.

The Bottom Line

Minecraft is probably the most popular sandbox in the world with millions of fans playing it. The game grabs the attention of players entirely and wins their hearts forever. Build, create, explore, and fight for survival in Minecraft. Enhance your experience with the multiplayer mode to share the moment with other players from around the world.

  • Meant for creative players
  • Modes to choose from and diversify your experience
  • Unique style perceived by the blocky graphics and game style
  • The vast international gaming community
  • Unrealistic, leam graphics


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