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Modern Warfare Review: Legendary Call of Duty Chapter


Modern Warfare is the 1st person shooter game, the first mainstream chapter of Call of Duty series by Infinity Ward studio. In this game, you have to play as soldiers of US Marine, British SAS, and other departments, of UK, Russia, Ukraine, and Middle East countries to solve the fictional worldwide conflict of 2011. The game won IGN’s Best Game for Xbox 360 in 2007. You can download Modern Warfare for your Xbox 360 and Xbox One (remastered version).

Graphics – 5/5

Modern Warfare game is powered by the proprietary engine IW3.0. Even after 12 years, the game still looks very deep and smooth. It present quality dynamic lighting and shading along with new-for-the-time distance blurring effect. It’s the first chapter of Call of Duty that provides a high level of realism.

Gameplay – 5/5

Modern Warfare gameplay features multiple new features. Unlike the previous 3 chapters, you participate in modern conflict. The soldiers can use not only weapons but also the support of aviation. The game requires you to use covers to recharge or recover after getting serious injuries. There is no health bar, so you have to avoid critical injuries. It’s impossible not to notice them as the screen edges begin to turn red.

The single-player campaign involves you in several significant battles during the modern war. You can experience playing stealth-combat, sniper-support and spy missions, clearing the area with squads and various military vehicles, such as helicopters and bombers.

The online multiplayer allows you to take part in team-vs-team and deathmatch (also available for split-screen play). The leveling system allows you to upgrade your character up to 55lvl and unlock various weapon packs, power-ups, extra ammunition slots, sidearm attacks, and grenade slots.

Controls – 5/5

The test of keyboard-plus-mouse and gamepad inputs for this Modern Warfare review revealed that both setups are well-optimized. You can tune up the speed of aiming response, though the default setting is brilliantly calibrated.

Replay Value – 5/5

Modern Warfare full game campaign walkthrough takes about 4 hours, and you can replay the game on 4 levels of difficulty, which is a great challenge. The missions of this chapter are very memorable, so you are likely to replay them separately to kill some time. The multiplayer allows you to play endless matches locally and online.


Modern Warfare shooter game is a brilliant combat franchise that is considered to be signed for the whole industry of video games. It presents the fascinating screenplay, admirable locations, balanced gameplay mechanics, and multiple features that changed the whole series forever.

  • Excellent realistic graphics
  • Incredibly thrilling missions without suspense drops
  • Immersive multiplayer modes
  • Memorable highly detailed locations.
  • Very few players in the online lobby
  • The are no drawbacks anymore.

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