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Need for Speed Most Wanted Review


Need for Speed Most Wanted is an open world racing game that is responsible for gushing adrenaline pump in the diehard NFS lovers. The game has been developed by Criterion Games and published by Electronic Arts (EA).

Graphics: 4.5

The graphics and design are the highlights of Need for Speed Most Wanted. The simulation of the racing cars shows the precise work accomplished by the developers. Whether its car’s physical outlook or the performance on the roads; you need expert control to handle the beasts.

The imaginary city of Fairhaven showcases an impressive work of creativity. Since the game incorporates open-world gaming, you can expect multiple racing tracks, special effects, and stunning visuals.

Gameplay: 4

The gameplay of Need for Speed Most Wanted is similar to the first installment in the Most Wanted series. As a player, you will select a car and you will compete against other players. There are three types of events in the game – Sprint races, Circuit races, and Speed runs. In the Sprint races, you will sprint from one end to another inside the city. In the Circuit races, there are two or three laps to complete. In the Speed runs event, the highest average speed determines your position on the leaderboard. To dodge the cops, you can throttle your machine in the Ambush races.

Need for Speed Most Wanted has a list of Most Wanted List of 10 racers. You have to race against these players and defeat them to procure their cars in your fleet. Along with the racing pursuits, take your car through drive-through repair garages, destroy fences on the tracks, perform sizzling drifts, and so on. Further, there is no dearth of upgrades in the game.

Controls: 4

The controls of the game are similar to the racing games. The difference is felt in the customization section. You can select the races and the cars in the real-time menus. Further, a lot of customization at the garage or pit stops takes place in real time.

You also have the provision of changing the soundtracks. If you don’t like the preinstalled background score, you can add your customizes music tracks.

Replay Value: 4.5

As Need for Speed Most Wanted incorporates high-rated elements from previous NFS installments, it is successful in serving the best of both the worlds. The cop chase sequences will surely keep you on your toes.

The mean machines that feature muscular and peculiar designs will definitely grab your attention. Further, the open-world gaming lets you explore the city of Fairhaven, find cars tucked in the remotest places in the city, and so on.


Need for Speed Most Wanted offers a proportionate mixture of Burnout and NFS franchises. You can feel the rumbling engines, the ultimate physics application, the eclectic drifts, and the option to challenge your friends. The online multiplayer mode that supports 2 to 8 players is highly favorable.

The open-world environment is what engages the user beyond the expected racing sequences. Further, the high-end police chase sequences are the USP of Need for Speed Most Wanted.

  • Scintillating graphics & visuals
  • Well-defined open-world environment
  • Races & events are well-executed
  • Gameplay may look repetitive
  • The single player mode may not excite players

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