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Secret Neighbor Review: Dynamic Social Horror


Secret Neighbor is a fast-paced multiplayer horror game that expands the Hello Neighbor universe. You join a group of kids trying to sneak into their neighbor’s house and to unlock the mysterious basement door to save their friend. Download Secret Neighbor and try not to get caught.

Graphics — 4/5

Secret Neighbor apk shares the overall visual style of the Hello Neighbor series, featuring quirky models and nice animations. However, some players may find the eccentric style of the game a little oversimplified and not as funny as the developers intend it to be. But even such players will admire the quality of special effects, as well as the level of detail. And the lighting is simply outstanding, which is a great portion of success for just about every horror game.

Gameplay — 5/5

The gameplay concept of the Secret Neighbor full game is simple. And if you have already played any of the renowned Hello Neighbor games, you should probably know what it’s all about. You and 5 other players play as a group of kids that invent all kinds of ways to get into their neighbor’s house. But the main plot twist is that some kid in your party is the neighbor in disguise that actually plays against you. His goal is to prevent your party from reaching your destination in the basement.

This simple concept adds a whole new role-playing dimension to the game, not to mention all the differences in mechanics. When you play as the neighbor, you need to convince your party members otherwise – all while leading them away from the group. Moreover, you get to choose from a couple of classes that have their unique abilities and powers. You can transform to your true form any time you want, and you can use a whole lot of different tools.

Controls — 5/5

The controls are rather intuitive, and the interface is simple. There is only the most important information on your screen, including your health bar, your items, and your abilities. Such an approach makes the game process really immersive. This Secret Neighbor game manages to remain a nice horror game even without most of the genre’s clichés, and the interface plays a notable role in that.

Replay Value — 5/5

The replay value of Secret Neighbor is very high, and it’s not surprising. The concept is innovative, the game process is addictive, and there are lots of ways to reach your goal. That means every time you start again, the house looks a little different, so you have to invent new tactics.

The Bottom Line

This Secret Neighbor review seems like it couldn’t be more positive, but the game actually has a couple of its flaws. There are still lots of bugs, and it could use a matching system, so your party would be more consistent when it comes to your skill and experience.

  • Distinct visual style
  • Interesting concept
  • Great gameplay
  • Nice controls.
  • Gets repetitive after a while
  • No matching system
  • Occasional glitches and bugs.

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  • M
    3 years ago
    Very good game, thanks for review! I've played this game allmost all the time.

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