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Sonic Generations Review. Reach Impressive New Worlds


 Sonic Generations is one of the most exciting Sonic installments to come along in a long time. This fantastic tale of two generations coming together to explore their histories and future together gives us a great story to remember for all those who’ve stuck along for the ride since the great SEGA days.

Graphics: 4.5

Generations combine a mixture of old and new worlds, and this is what makes the graphics really exciting. It takes you from 2D side-scrolling to full 3D navigation and is a show of just how glorious some of the old sites would have looked if they had been given the benefit of technology. The glaring power-ups as you zoom through space and the fact that old worlds we are familiar with are brought to life only serve to make graphics more exciting.

Gameplay: 4.5

Sonic Generations diverts from previous releases in which the storyline had taken a turn for the mundane and it was starting to get a little boring to play. The story brings together two generations of Sonic and takes you through a wonderful landscape filled with 2D and 3D bursts. A powerful purple force has taken over the time rings of the universe and is throwing two Sonics from different generations together in a series of overdrive screen effects that stretch your imagination. As the game progresses from one zone to the next, humorous and engaging interactions between Sonic and previous characters bring the transitions alive, and you get fully immersed in the story. The expanded gaming landscape gives a large playground for you never to get bored even though you’re running in hyper speed.

In the mixing of a variety of time capsules, the story takes you through both familiar and unfamiliar, and you end up being a new fan of Sonic the Hedgehog all over again.

Controls: 4.0

The game contains both elements of 2D side-scrolling and virtual 3D gameplay, and the controls are quite effective, especially for the rippling speed that Sonic takes you through. For side-scrolling, the D-Pad is a great help as you can easily change motion. For 3D gameplay, the right and left sticks come in handy much. Older Sonic fans will appreciate the fluidity of the Xbox’s controls as they race through this dual 2D-3D universe.

Replay Value: 4.5

This game gives you everything to be cheerful about on a dreary afternoon with nothing to do. It provides you with a variety of characters and different challenges which keep the adrenaline pumping throughout the game. It’s scintillating, to say the least. Though the bursts of excessive speed being instantly halted by an obstacle tend to be a little buzzkill at times, the setting, graphics and brilliant pacing make you want to play it more.


Sonic Generations is an amazing attempt at reviving the Sonic franchise. The old SEGA feeling still looms at large, but the evolution of technology has made the 3D space come alive. The game has lots of colors, and the humor of Sonic’s conversations with the characters he meets along the way make this a game that will be remembered by Sonic fans for a long time to come.

  • Visually stunning.
  • Great gameplay.
  • Mixes old and new characters.
  • High replay value.
  • Occasional bursts of uncontrollable speed may leave you vulnerable when faced with an obstacle.

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