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TRANSFORMERS: Dark of the Moon Review: Great Game for the Fans of Transformers


TRANSFORMERS: Dark of the Moon is the 3rd part of the movie-based game series developed by High-Moon Studios and Activision in 2011. In this action-adventure game, you can experience playing as Autobots and Decepticons to try different gameplay mechanics. The plot of the game is an alternate complement to the movie offering you to concentrate on driving and shooting. You can download TRANSFORMERS: Dark of the Moon for Xbox 360 on Xbox Live.

Graphics – 4/5

TRANSFORMERS: Dark of the Moon game is powered by Unreal Engine 3, so it looks rather smooth and saturated, but driving physics are very poorly designed. However, character animation is astonishing like it is in the movie.

Gameplay – 4/5

It’s an honest TRANSFORMERS: Dark of the Moon review, so you have to know that this title is rather typical for movie-based games. The vast majority of gameplay time is concentrated on casual shooting and fighting of transformers. For the first time, you can use not only the 2 basic forms of characters but also the sub-form that allows you to shoot while driving. The car becomes more mobile so that you can move horizontally to take cover without the need to turn a vehicle around. You can also switch between the forms whenever you want.

All transformers are divided into 3 classes, such as warriors, commanders, and scouts. Each class presents unique gameplay mechanics and features. For example, if you choose to play for a commander, your health bar is expanded, while speed and attacks are less powerful than in other categories.

Controls – 4.5/5

Controls in this game are rather simple and intuitive. The gamepad input allows you to perform smooth driving and accurate shooting. All mechanics in the game are inherent for casual shooters, so you are not likely to face any difficult challenges.

Replay Value – 4/5

You have to spend at least 4 hours to complete TRANSFORMERS: Dark of the Moon full game. The campaign plot is rather brief, so a single walkthrough will be enough to figure out all the details. There are no alternate endings or hidden levels. There are also powerful competitive multiplayer features that allow you to fight with your friends on split-screen or online.


In general, this game presents a mediocre plot and simple arcade gameplay. However, it’s rather fun to control your favorite movie characters during multiple battles in jungles and on the streets. This game is recommended to all fans of the franchise as it reveals some exciting plot twists and provides a unique perspective on the comic universe.

  • You can play for all Autobots and nearly all Decepticons
  • Exciting multiplayer mode
  • The plot reveals some new details of the story.
  • Some characters are downloadable or multiplayer-only
  • Ratchet and SideSwipe were available only in the pre-ordered version.

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