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Ultimate Custom Night Review: All Animatronics In one Game


Ultimate Custom Night is a 1st person point-and-click horror game developed and published by Scott Cawthon in 2018. This title is an ultimate mashup of Five Nights at Freddy animatronics and gameplay mechanics. Now you can choose your rivals and the level of difficulty. This is the scariest chapter of all! You can download Ultimate Custom Night for exclusively Windows on Steam and Game Jolt.

Graphics – 5/5

Ultimate Custom Night game is powered by the rarely used Clickteam Fusion 2.5 engine. It’s hard to call the quality of visuals very high, but they are definitely authentic. The noisy image of CCTV cameras is already a business card of the series. The tiny security office is now more detailed than ever before.

Gameplay – 4.5/5

Ultimate Custom Night gameplay is slightly different from all chapters of FNAF series. In this game, you have to use multiple mechanics to defend from animatronics, instead of just 2-3 in original games. Now you can also choose your enemies. There are 61 animatronics from all chapters available for your choice.

During the night you have to use CCTV cameras to supervise corridors, keep an eye on ventilation and air duct systems to prevent attacks, and try to avoid attacks in the office. For this purpose, you can use a flashlight, and a heater fan.

Every challenge in Ultimate Custom Night latest version is customizable. You can choose 1 of 20 difficulty levels, and select an animatronic you want to play against. The security offices are also optional. The two innovations of the game are Fuzz Coins and a Death Coin. First are used to buy upgrades for the next challenges, while the second is for disabling attacking monsters. It’s a slightly weird formula for a horror franchise. You always know who is going to come for your soul. However, the whole thing is still scary and incredibly creepy.

Controls – 4.5/5

This point-and-click franchise requires you to use only a mouse to point at interactive objects and click them to activate. You can also connect a compatible gamepad to do the same, but you will undoubtedly lose some speed of reaction. The Ultimate Custom Night review on PC and touch-screens revealed that a mouse and a screen are the best controllers for this game.

Replay Value – 5/5

Ultimate Custom Night full game presents all 61 animatronics from every single chapter of FNAF and 20 optional difficulties. It means that UCN is the most replayable and the most hardcore survival horror of all times.

The Bottom Line

This horror game is based on the stock formula of Five Nights at Freddy’s series. However, Scott Cawthon managed to make it as atmospheric and scary as all his previous works. If you are a newcomer, the game will terrorize you as it became much harder. Animatronics try to pounce on you from every breach, so be attentive!

  • Classic Five Nights at Freddy’s setting
  • 61 optional enemy
  • Several gameplay mechanics from the original series
  • Still one of the scariest horror games.
  • More control over the situation is a bit boring
  • No multiplayer features yet.

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