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DBZ Budokai HD Collection Review. Interactive Nostalgia


When I was a kid, I got to watch loads of weird shows, and Dragon Ball Z wasn’t one of them. This doesn’t mean that I don’t qualify to issue an opinion on this game collection but to set the scene that I only play the game to see what the Bandai Namco creation offers.

Graphics: 4.0

The game visuals were greater in the previous PS2 days. Even with the upgrade to HD, the game collection still looks dated. The character models appear more decent since the conversion, but the surroundings in which you fight are downright diabolical and bland with no character or life to them. In an attempt to remedy this, Budokai 3 uses interactive environments, but it does not entirely hide the lifelessness within.

Gameplay: 3.5

The collection comprises Budokai 1&3. From the initial stages, you’ll be required to select the game you’d wish to play. But here’s the first problem: it’s not possible to seamlessly switch between the games without having to restart. This is a great inconvenience if you want to go between both games and see how different they are. Afterward, I was able to switch after waiting for 10 minutes, but I encountered a second problem that comes with the combat system.

The game’s fighting system feels quite heavy, and the fighters act as though they’re cement blocks. While some people may not have a problem with that, those who watch the show and see the fluidity of the fights can clearly see just how off the fighting is. Unfortunately, the game doesn’t accomplish the feat when it comes to combat.

If you don’t have a friend to play with, you can alternatively have the story and tournament modes to jump into.

Controls: 4.0

The controls are standard and easy to handle with moves that can be easily pulled off. They can be combined to carry out specialty stunts such as the Kamehameha. You can also choose to go for each of the character’s signature skills like the Special Beam Cannon and Spirit Bomb. These form the little components that serve as a bright spot in a game that’s otherwise dull.

Replay Value: 4.0

Sadly, the collection doesn’t have much to offer in terms of replay value, especially if you’ve never been a fan of the DBZ series. Regardless, it still has a fresh storyline as well as some of the best what-ifs, giving it better replayability. What you’ll find most attractive about Budokai 3 is the graphics used and the gameplay which can be described as one the series’ best.


DBZ is a series that most players have come to appreciate over the years, and it offers a pair of fan-favorite installments with an impressive focus on HD upscaling alongside some tweaks on the features to create these ultimate versions. Unlike most HD collections which may sometimes fare worse than the original versions, the developers have done their best to avoid this entirely. Despite a number of flaws, the pack is still worth a shot.


  • The roster is huge
  • The story modes are enjoyable
  • The nostalgia
  • Character count is artificially inflated
  • Flawed graphics and combat

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