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Kung Fu Panda Review: Become a Master of Kung Fu


Kung Fu Panda is a game appeared as a result of mass admiration before the first cartoon Kung Fu Panda. The game created based on the cartoon should play on the feelings of the players, providing an opportunity to plunge into the world of fighters, skilled craftsmen of the ancient, oriental martial art. Download Kung Fu Panda to your PS3, PS2, Xbox360, Wii and Nintendo DS and immerse yourself in the world of melee battles.

Graphics — 4.5/5

It is worth noting that the graphics in this game is simply gorgeous. It is immediately obvious that the game was treated as a full-fledged project, and not as a bonus after watching a cartoon in a movie theater. Visually, the game cannot be distinguished from the cartoon. The game has beautifully drawn locations, vivid and memorable characters, rich detailing and character animation.

Gameplay — 5/5

Following the positive reviews, Kung Fu Panda is a hilarious, rich, diverse fighting game, which has a large and extensive system of combos of strikes and special moves. Panda jumps, fights with his paws, flies up into the air, strikes with his stomach, knocks down enemies with a powerful shock wave and rolls at enemies with a live wheel, and also skillfully controls the staff.

In total at the disposal of the character more than ten unique receptions. And the most interesting - each of them can be improved. Analogous to experience points are coins scattered across levels. Each stroke has 4 degrees of development, requiring the investment of a certain amount of gold. Moreover, here you can modify the characteristics of the hero: the Panda has indicators of strength, vitality and even some magical energy that is spent on the use of special moves.

The game has an exciting multiplayer. You can compete with friends on 14 different maps: here you can find typical deathmatch, team fights, and “survival” mode, where you need to hold out against enemy mobs for a certain time. There are even mini-games, including the local equivalent of Go - Japanese checkers.

Controls — 5/5

The game is beautifully designed control over the character for different platforms. So while playing on a personal computer, you can conveniently control the keyboard and mouse, since for the PS2 and PS3, the control adjusts to the console update. Reviews Kung Fu Panda note this feature in the first place. Because localization of control for each of the platforms separately and not creating a control port from the console to a computer is a high indicator.

Replay Value — 3.5/5

Having passed the game once, you hardly want to return to it again, even despite the perfectly implemented graphics and animation. Although if you are a fan of the cartoon and you like fighting games in the style of hand-to-hand fighting, then you will find this game quite entertaining.


It's a good game for fans of fighting games and arcades. Pass the levels and reach the final of the game overcoming crowds of enemies. Excellent music and elegant work of actors on the voice acting, a rich system of bonuses, great set videos - all this only reinforces the extremely positive impressions of the game.

  • Different types of tricks and combos
  • Nice appearance of the game
  • Convenient management.
  • Plot linearity
  • The absence of an open world.

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