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WWE 2K15 Review. The Wrestling Action


Imagine Brock Lesnar being thrown off the ladder with Big Show and his massive superplex. The ring does not fall apart in WWE 2K15, but the game will leave you open-mouthed.

Graphics: 4.5

A majority of users confirm that the action-filled game uses animations that are five times better than any other WWE game ever created. What strikes you first when you open the game is the fluid movements alongside the game physics displayed in the game. From grappling with opponents to sending them across the ring, the transition and animations are both smooth and lifelike. Moreover, the environment (whether a cell, ring, or cage, as well as the Elimination Chamber) is meticulously detailed.

Gameplay: 4.5

Weapons and objects used when playing matches such as TLC are relatively easy to use, and they come with a variety of methods that you can use. Moreover, you can master the way you place these objects to be able to put them to use and get done with your opponent really fast.

WWE 2K15 has a new momentum bar that allows you to fill it up quickly or slowly depending on your specific preferences to make a match longer hence more interesting than it usually is. By filling up the bar with special moves, you’ll be increasing your chances of carrying out a signature move or even performing the Finishing move. The fact that you can save your signature move to use later on when the bar is full again is also a plus.

Another one of the most crucial functions are the countering moves which you can do even in instances when you’re almost done and out completely. Additionally, the timing is also important, and understanding your opponent’s signature moves and anticipating them is critical in knowing when to block or counter.

Controls: 4.5

Not much has changed here compared to the previous games in the series. Gamers remain with similar combat systems used for years now. The developer’s elegant layout allows wrestlers to have massive strikes, counters and grapples without having to force you to relearn each character’s complex combos. Unfortunately, all the superstars will have the same moves despite each having their diverse skills. This discourages players from trying out the roster.

Replay Value: 4.5

While it may fall short on several features of the older games, it still has high replay value since what matters most is what happens inside the ring, and this is where the developers have emphasized on. Additionally, it relies heavily on reversals, an attribute that’s lacking in WWF Altitude. This gives the sense that the matches are similar to WWE on TV, making you feel like playing again.


WWE 2K15 has loads of features and generally lives up to the expectations initially set by the previous entries in this series. The wrestlers look cool, and the combat feels lifelike and much better. However, MyCareer mode turns out to be an absolute slog, and every other thing has been done better previously. Despite its narrower historical mode, limited combat options for groups and shuttered creation suites, the game is still enjoyable to play.



  • An array of match options
  • Revamped combat
  • Great graphics quality
  • Slow gameplay
  • Small roster

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