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Garry's Mod Review: Take Tools and Play


Garry's Mod is a game without objects and scores for those who want to enjoy pure playing without restrictions. It is a so-called physics toy or a sandbox suggested just for fun and not for achievements. Download Garry’s Mod and follow the plot without thinking too much.

Graphics — 3/5

Graphics of the game are not too detailed or realistic, but they correspond to the general idea of rather thoughtless activities. As you have no rules to build, it makes no difference what you will get as a result.

Gameplay — 4/5

Forget about story and plot in this game. Of course, when we have mentioned there are no goals, we mean that you are not expected to behave in a specified way to succeed, but technically there are some conditions and surrounding which makes to move in some direction. There are plenty of tools for various purposes and unlimited time to perform a task using them. The tasks can be different like building houses, cars, boats, planes, and less complicated things. You are not expected to know the construction principles – do as you want. There are diverse guns which you can use to fight. You will find items developed and shared by other players and choose something useful of that assortment. You will paint and drive, build and destroy. You are allowed to get annoyed and ruin everything around.

Nice music is available here. There are a lot of features indeed, and you are suggested to decide what you prefer without any requirements on the part of the gameplay. Download different modes and maps to enjoy every moment suggested by a developer. Switch between two modes a pure Sandbox and Trouble in Terrorist Town. In the first case you are free to select a map and travel around the world being protected just with powerful Physics Gun and the Tool Gun. In the second case, you get wide opportunities within simple basic rules. Yes, there are some rules if you want to try this way. You know that someone kills everybody and your mission is to remove those maniacs, but you do not know exactly who are they. Good luck with both variants!

Controls — 4/5

Controls are simple. If you prefer shooters, you will cope with this game without difficulties. There is a tutorial offering a description of every movement. A character you navigate can move around, look around, shoot, and so on. Apply WASD keys mouse to make him execute commands. If you want to customize controls, enter the menu and find settings.

Replay Value — 5/5

Garry’s Mod review introduces a rather simple game which can be a perfect time killer. In this form it is rater efficient and has replay value. You can restart to learn all the possibilities of this shooter. Almost everything depends on you here. So, play it as often as you are able to be creative. You can customize, modify and play in a fresh manner. Please, mind that some mods can be of a large size.


Download Garry's Mod and enjoy this simple game without limits. Cope with all those tools you are suggested and start playing. There are modifications created by other players, and you can try them to enhance replayability. Be creative and enjoy these capabilities becoming a kind of co-developer.

  • Several modes increase replayability
  • Well-done and responsive controls
  • Modifications and customizations are available.
  • No story at all
  • Serious sizes with mods.

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