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Full Review of Among the Sleep - Nighttime terrors become real...


When we were toddlers, the world seemed to be a big, magic mystery. With both marvelous wonders and mortifying terrors. And also monsters were lurking around the corner, waiting for the moment when you're left unsupervised...

For us, the rational adults, It's hard to remember all those things now. Among the Sleep is just the game that will recreate that helpless condition of a baby. A baby, who is alone in the world of a scary story.

Graphics: 4

The visuals of Among the Sleep perfectly coincides with the game's atmosphere. Its cartoonish 3D stylistics are seasoned with disturbing and eerie elements:

· Horrifying shadows.
· Sinister mists.
· Dim and bleak yellowish street lights.
· Creepy silhouettes wandering to and fro etc.

The bloodcurdling sound effects accompany all this horrific phantasmagoria: distant shrieks of pain knocks on the walls made by an invisible hand, the sound of a broken music-box and so on.

However, there were a couple of shortcomings too. The biggest one is the teddy-bear who happens to be your loyal companion throughout the adventure.

His little face and "soothing" voice are some of the creepiest elements in the entire game. What's even more disturbing: at certain angles his face reminded me of Denzel Washington...

Gameplay: 3

Among the Sleep is a thriller with elements of a detective mystery, adventure, and even a survival game. And its plot revolves around a childhood psychological trauma.

You begin as a 2-year-old infant, whose mother got kidnapped by a mysterious evil creature.

Oh, and it's your second B-day by the way! So instead of sleeping in the cradle, after a birthday party, you set out on a journey of finding your mommy.

The gameplay cleverly turns everyday objects - trees, doors, drawers, etc. - into obstacles or (on the contrary) helpful items. Thus drawers can become an improvised ladder.

Occasionally you'll have to hide away from a nightmarish creature that patrols the locations, persistently searching for you.

But don't worry - you're not entirely alone. The talking & walking teddy-bear, who accompanies you, always try to find the right words to calm you. If it doesn't help you can still hug him - he will radiate the warm, yellow shining which symbolizes the feeling of being protected.

To finish this short game - it has 3 hours of gameplay - you'll need to find a number of items related to your mommy. But I must warn you: the ending will be a bit shocking (not what you might expect...)

Controls: 3

Manipulating a toddler is a challenge - his speed, coordination, and agility leave a lot to be desired. At some point, you'll be grinding your teeth, because hiding from the patrolling monster
will be undermined by:

a) The kid's clumsiness.
b) The fact the closing a door is a challenge for the weak little hands.
But if you show persistence - one day you'll master the controls.

Replay Value: 1

Unfortunately, the game lacks imagination and elements of surprise and unexpectedness. Doing the same routine: crawling, hiding, exploring over and over becomes tedious at one point.

Perhaps if the teddy-bear could be turned into a fierce warrior controlled by you or the toddler could mount and ride a dog, it'd refresh the game.


Among the Sleep is a unique game that allows you to see the world through the infant's eyes and explore the psychological depths of the childhood fears.

It will give you goose-bumps in the beginning and the ending might astonish/sadden you. But it's too short and too repetitive.



  • Good graphics.
  • Unique plot.
  • Psychological undertones.
  • Thrilling ST.
  • 3-hour gameplay.
  • Repetitiveness.
  • Poor controls.
  • Creepy teddy-bear.
  • The ending.
  • 3-hour gameplay.

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