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Brunswick Pro Bowling Review: Decent Bowling Sim


Brunswick Pro Bowling is a bowling sim with authentic gameplay and licensed Brunswick merch. Download Brunswick Pro Bowling and feel like a top-class bowling player.

Graphics – 4/5

Brunswick Pro Bowling is decent visually, although the graphics are not in any way outstanding. The character models lack detail and personality which would greatly improve immersive qualities of the game. The bowling alleys also lack some distinctive visual features, and the physics engine feels somewhat unrealistic.

Gameplay – 3.5/5

Good bowling sims are rare indeed, and every new game in this niche is expected to be more detailed, and to be more fun to play in general. But Brunswick Pro Bowling just doesn’t live up to those expectations. It sure has all the necessary modes, like a quick play option, a career or an online multiplayer. But those modes just don’t offer anything new or exciting, and feel a bit out-of-date.

There are challenges that make you knock down different sets of pins, ladder tournaments, and contests which make you compete by the score. All in all, it’s a decent set of gameplay options, although the majority of them get boring after a few hours. Nice and responsive controls would negate all that imperfections, but Brunswick Pro Bowling doesn’t offer much in this regard as well.

Controls – 3/5

Control mechanics are probably the most important part of any bowling sim since there is almost nothing else to offer players in a sense of improving authenticity. There are no licensed teams like in basketball or football simulators, so to really experience a bowling game like you would in your local alley you should be provided with very precise controls.

Alas, the controls of Brunswick Pro Bowling are far from that. You don’t use the analog sticks of the controller in any way, having to press the directional buttons to control the movements of your avatar. With this, riding the ridge between the lane and the gutter seems practically impossible.

Replay Value – 4/5

Brunswick Pro Bowling has a lot of potential when it comes to replay value. With a lot of different gameplay options you can explore the game’s features again and again, and the gameplay itself is not too boring – if you don’t find bowling boring, that is. And with the competitive modes like the multiplayer or the challenges you can prolong the fun by playing with others.


Anybody reading this Brunswick Pro Bowling review should keep in mind that the game is meant for bowling fans. If you genuinely enjoy this sport, you can always forgive the game for its complicated controls and faint graphics. But if you are just looking for a fun sports sim to kill a few hours, you should probably try something else.


  • Authentic Brunswick apparel and equipment
  • Decent gameplay with a lot of different modes.
  • Strange physics engine
  • Controls are not so good.

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