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Call of Duty: World War II Review Of CoD Back-To-Origins Game


Call of Duty: World War II is an action shooter game about the battles of World War II. Moving away from previous ideas of fighting against terrorism, CoD goes back to origins. The plot focuses mostly on the events of Operation Overlord.

Graphics – 5/5

The game has realistic graphics with a lot of features, which have never been used in CoD before. Sun rays refraction and reflections look almost as in real life (sometimes they even look better). However, the main problem is the system requirements. Such graphics require a lot of video memory, and level designs often show open spaces that need a lot of RAM.

Gameplay – 4.5/5

Some missions look really annoying, even “non-stop slaughter” can’t fix this problem (for example Italy campaign contains few moments when game converts to “press LBM to win”). Good news – such moments are extremely rare. Reason to download Call of Duty WWII is a few game mods:

  • Standard campaign that allows us to see the most iconic WWII moments (like “Land in Normandy”).
  • “Zombie-mod” (wait, WHAT?!) – fun game part, where a player (or player and his friends) must survive zombie waves. The reason for zombie existence in the game about WWII – let’s imagine that Nazi scientists found the way to raise dead soldiers. A lot of Call of Duty World War II reviews are missing cooperative part of this mode.
  • Multiplayer extra mods. Not realised yet, but in work progress. Standard shooter PvP mods.

Controls – 4.5/5

The game works equally good on Gamepad and Keyboard. Typical shooter Gamepad Problems still exist. It’s tough to make 180 turns and shoot opponent higher than you. As you progress and gain more experience in the game, it becomes easier to perform this trick, though there's a learning curve. Nevertheless, the game is comfortable enough to play disregarding the type of controller: no invalid binds or bad key positions.

Replay Value – 5/5

The campaign is quite repetitive: it only runs for better results and special achievements. However, zombie mode and multiplayer fights are something awesome. Of course, soloing zombie mod is boring and do not grant special achievements (all can be collected with a single run before death). Nevertheless, playing cooperatively in Zombie mod grants player new emotions and a lot of fun. Multiplayer CS-like mode is not released yet.


CoD: WWII has a great storyline and depicts some marvellous war sceneries. But it’s campaign solo mode can be pretty dull. Only zombie mode and the multiplayer fight can spice things up and add to the game’s engagement.

  • High replay value
  • Cooperative mods.
  • Unexpected Zombie mode
  • Low historical authenticity
  • High game requirements
  • Shooter on the gamepad (only for Xbox and PS).

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