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Castle Crashers Remastered Review: Beat Them Up


Castle Crashers Remastered is a super popular 2D arcade adventure game. You can play it alone or in co-op mode. Download Castle Crashers Remastered and have incredible fun. The size of the game is only 287.77 MB which is quite affordable for your PlayStation.

Graphics — 5/5

Graphics are cartoonish and very cute. The game delivers visuals with high resolution which you could hardly experience before. The unique art style makes the environments alive. And this is a joy to explore the world around in this game. Monsters look pretty cute, and other creations are very adorable. There is nice background music.

Gameplay — 5/5

You will forward to victory in this Remastered release, saving a princess and defending your kingdom from an enemy. Castles will be crashed; the characters will be unlocked, and 40 kinds of weapons should be applied. You will take advantages of intuitive combo and magic system allowing your character to become smarter and more powerful and unlock an arsenal for new attacks. While leveling up, you adjust Agility, Strength, Defense, and Magic of your hero. He will be supported by adorable animal spirits adding various abilities which appear to be very helpful on a journey.

There are several modes. Arena mode offers you to fight in various formats. Insane Mode allows testing the skills of your character overcoming obstacles and undertaking challenges. Here a mini-game, Back Off Barbarian, is included.

The game starts with a scene where some strange man snatches a crystal and princesses from a castle. You navigate a knight of this castle having the duty to return both gem and belles. And here the adventure starts with all those battles, dangers, and hidden secrets across tons of routes and levels. You will travel along icy cold terrains and dry sandy deserts.

Controls — 5/5

Controls are clear and responsive. The game is played in a smooth manner without crashes and you feel that you understand every logic by intuition. Your character will move, jump, attack, use items and do other things he needs to perform his mission.

Replay Value — 5/5

Castle Crashers Remastered review is a nice resume of this game with the release date of 9.9.2015, and since that time the game has been very popular within players of different ages. You will understand what this fuss about only when you try it yourself. The game is full of effects and stories making its replay value high. The levels are diverse providing a completely new experience. You can start fresh and feel as if you play a new game with a familiar design only. Do not forget about mini-game.


Download Castle Crashers Remastered and enjoy its lovely design, extremely diverse gameplay and appreciate potty humor which is in excess in the game. Each new boss will surprise you with its unique appearance and powers. This game is really weird suggesting a range of tactics.

  • Fun game with charming characters
  • High diversity and replayability
  • Great co-op mode.
  • Lack of upgrades since launch
  • Slightly busted multiplayer.

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