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Destiny 2 Review. Great Sci-Fi Shooting


Destiny 2 is a first-person hybrid shooter that combines the classic gameplay with a couple of elements derived from other genres. Let’s take a look at how it’s holding up.

Graphics: 4.5

I like how the game looks, as well as the vistas within it. Furthermore, the mix of sci-fi and fantasy is well executed, and I find no fault in the art direction and colors. The fantasy armor designs display lots of futurism in them. Also, all the zones have a lovely palette, and some areas have a lot of color like Nessus. However, I feel that Titan and Lo are pretty dull.

Gameplay: 4.5

Destiny 2 traditionally features PvP and PvE gaming modes, but there’s a new matchmaking option that lets you look for clans to join. It offers the same three types of character classes, and you can level up your gaming characters by completing several challenges. Every class brings along its set of skills, perks, and available upgrades.

The game offers lots of content with various areas to explore on the different planets including Titan, Dead Zone, Lo, The Farm, and Nessus. Also, some of the game’s new missions that are worth mentioning include treasure hunting Adventures mode as well as the weekly event, Flashpoints, which is aimed at acquiring more rewards. Each great raid offers a reason to keep increasing the levels.

The game’s PvP experience brings with it the Crucible mode that now features better maps and two main gaming options – Competitive and Quickplay. The first one comes with two new modes: Countdown and Survival, while the second offers Control, Supremacy, and Clash modes.  

Controls: 4.0

The game may be quite an action filled and appearing to be somewhat complicated, but the controls are generally easy to understand. You can easily customize some of the abilities of your characters for better performance as well as set an appearance of your choice. The excellent game also operates at a high framerate and thanks to the precision of the handling, it allows for a more acrobatic, aggressive, and competitive play.

Replay Value: 4.5

Destiny 2 has high replay value, which mostly comes from how the combat model solidity facilitates its versatility. The game’s over 40 missions as well as approximately 20 strikes is combined with a satisfying blend of on-the-fly, kinetic improvisation and dynamic strategy. These attributes make Destiny 2 highly replayable thanks to the uncanny ability to completely refresh and remix with each new weapon and character class in the game.


There’s plenty of new things about Destiny 2, and the open world settings are bigger than before. The game still has got plenty to do even after its story has been completed. But the developers have also made sure the game gets pretty familiar gameplay, and the enemies haven’t changed much. I love the loot, as well as the public events that pair the hardcore players with the less experienced ones to complete a raid.


  • Great solo campaign
  • Loads of content
  • Addictive and solid multiplayer
  • Requires some tweaks in the loot system
  • Missions may seem too similar

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