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FOR HONOR™ Standard Edition Review: Fight with One of the Unique Hero


For Honor™ is an action fighting game involving a player in the war between Knights, Samurais, and Vikings. Fight in rather brutal combat in single-player or multiplayer modes. Download For Honor™ and enjoy the entertainment you have never had before.

Graphics — 5/5

Graphics are cool without a doubt. The perfect design of warriors with realistic details offers a true idea of the historical facts. The game's display menu allows changing default settings like resolution, display mode, and monitor. You can also apply the graphics menu to adjust the game to your preferences.

Gameplay — 5/5

For Honor™ is dedicated to a medieval fantasy period. Players are offered to navigate any character quoting in their own languages when performing actions. You will see Latin, Icelandic, Japanese, and Chinese.

In every faction, there are four classes at the very beginning. There is a Vanguard-class being well-balanced providing reliable defense. Assassin class is characterized by quick movements, that is why its representatives are good in dueling, but helpless when you have to battle with a lot of enemies. The Heavies class or so-called Tanks are strong and enduring, standing against damages, but for attacks, they are not the best choice due to their slowness. The "Hybrid" is fast and resistant at the same time, and in addition, they have uncommon capabilities. All of them are equipped with their own kinds of weapons, particular skills. They even fight in different styles. When succeeding in certain actions, a player gains Feats being a kind of income which is spent on strengths and points.

There is a new tactical combat system "Art of Battle" when a kind of assistant of a player appears. It happens, when in the multiplayer, a player enters a dueling mode and aims at an enemy with a weapon. Here he gets hints on a screen showing the movements of the opponents allowing to understand the weakest positions and attack in a proper way.

Controls — 5/5

Use your weapon skillfully that is possible due to the innovative Art of Battle combat system which provides perfect and diverse control of a warrior. All the available movements should be checked out in the tutorial. In general, controls are responsive and simple.

Replay Value — 5/5

For Honor™ review contains information about the challenges of this game. The player will get 18 maps, 12 base Heroes, PvP and ranked modes, tons of gears. You will never get bored with this game. As you master the art of combat, you will earn rewards. Become better playing a training mode starting as Apprentice and transferring to Master.

The Bottom Line

Download For Honor™ to learn what the chaos of war means. You are free to choose your part whether it will be a Knight, Samurai or Viking. Anyway, you will get a thrilling experience of brutal fighting with your enemies. Your goal is to survive, and that is not easy due to applied innovative PvP melee combat in this game. Try it and enjoy!

  • Stable and seamless performance
  • High replayability
  • Innovative Art of Battle combat system.
  • Blood scenes and intense violence.

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