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Happy Wars Review: be a soldier, become a general


Happy War is a game in which you feel like an ordinary warrior in a large army. The goal of the battles is to capture control points, as well as an enemy castle. You can download Happy War for free on your Xbox One X. Participate in large-scale multiplayer battles in the amount of up to 30 players, use all your skill in hand-to-hand combat with various fantastic characters.

Graphics — 5/5

Reviews of Happy War from leading publications give a high rating to the game. The graphics in the game is a cartoon and creates an unforgettable atmosphere of fun, which covers the thoughtful, though arcade, gameplay. Each location differs both in design and atmosphere reigning in it. There are gloomy Halloween cards, and there are New Year holidays, there is a desert, and there is a blooming garden. Each card has a unique decor and hundreds of small details that are not needed gameplay but are pleasing to the eye.

Gameplay — 5/5

The battle involved 2 teams in each of which 16 people. Characters are divided into 3 classes - warrior-swordsman, warrior-tank, mage. Each class has 2 personal and 1 team skill.

Swordsman is armed with a shield and light weapons. He knows how to strike throwing opponents a blow, as well as throwing stones and other throwing weapons. His team skill is irreplaceable, the call of partners for the formation of the system, as well as gain 2 times your strength while you hold it.

A warrior tank is an excellent defensive unit. He has a heavy weapon and a shield. His special skills are healing himself and allies, super hard hits.

A magician is a support unit armed with a staff. It can shoot fireballs, beat with electricity, use the wind to keep the enemy close.

Controls — 5/5

The game was one of the first games for Xbox, and at one time created a sensation among the gaming community. The convenience of controlling the character on the keyboard and mouse, and the controller from the console, is very well implemented. Unfortunately, now the game is available only to users of Xbox.

Replay Value — 4.5/5

The game allows you to participate in battles with other participants. This makes the game more replayable. You can participate in battles as many times as you get bored. In order to keep you in the game for a while, there are various options for maps and possible strategies for capturing fortresses.


An excellent representative of multiplayer strategies distributed by the model of free-to-play. This game gave an active impetus to the development of the console, as well as the perception of the players, which is in the convenience of playing joysticks in action games. Happy Wars can be advised to both children and older adults who have decided to join the games industry, and experienced gamers who came for one thing - a victory!

  • Nice design, bright colors
  • Possibilities of various strategies for locking and protecting locks.
  • A poor balance between classes
  • Shooting at targets with spells is not accurate.

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