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Human: Fall Flat Review: Surreal Dreams of Bob, the Builder


Welcome to Bob’s dream created by his subconscious. Bob is the main character in the game Human: Fall Flat. And you as a player will explore this surreal environment with unique physics and a lot of sense. Once you understand the mystery of Bob’s dream, you can get out of here.

In Human: Fall Flat, the sense of reality is lost, and you need to find it by all means. Explore the depths of Bob’s mind to reach the answers. Download Human: Fall Flat to become the protagonist’s guide in the bizarre unreality. And we’ll try to be your reliable guides through our Human: Fall Flat review.

Graphics 4.5/5

What can be more exciting than becoming a main hero of the video game yourself? Human: Fall Flat gives you such an opportunity by letting you put your photo and turn the character into yourself. The smart customization options help you do it with ease. This option enhances the game experience sky high.

Talking about the graphics in general, we can highlight its flatness and simplicity. The visuals are sharp-cornered, no excessive details present at all. However, with the help of straightforward visuals, the sense of game uniqueness is reached.

Human: Fall Flat belongs to a low-poly genre which means the presence of low-poly models in the game. Such a style fits the game perfectly and enhances strange sensations from playing even more. Bob’s dreams are very, very strange things and thanks to the unvivid visuals you will immerse into them entirely.

Gameplay 4.5/5

You are in the open sandbox world full of mysteries and puzzles. Yes, you are in Human: Fall Flat. Though the game represents minimalistic graphics, the gameplay is rather intense. Solve the game secrets and riddles, use your logic, and try to get used to the unusual physics.

Due to the plot, Bob stucks in an endless series of dreams about falling from a height. He cannot die since every fall from the playing field returns him to the beginning of the level. Each stage of sleep imitates parts of his daily routine and is seasoned with traps and obstacles that must overcome again and again. It is hard for him to climb, but he does the best he can. Bob tries to lift, push, interacts with every object to reach his aim.

Managing Bob in this open, mysterious world of dreams can be a daunting task. Finally, the moment comes when you understand how to solve a seemingly tricky riddle and reach the next level. The clumsy animation of Bob cheers you up along your way to each new level.

Interact with carts, levers, wagons, help Bob continue his builder’s tasks. Solve various puzzles, unravel mysteries, and enjoy the process strolling along the strangest dreamscapes of Human: Fall Flat.

Controls 4.5/5

It seems like you need to learn how to walk again in Human: Fall Flat. The game is rather intricate in terms of physics. It’s not a piece of cake to control Bob’s hands and grab different items, climb surfaces, and so on.

Human: Fall Flat is not an ordinary game regarding the controls. So you’ll need some time to get used to them. The left and the right trigger are referred to Bob’s arms accordingly. Grab, pull, interact with objects with the help of the triggers. Jumping and moving are standard mechanics, so they are easier to accustom to.

Replay Value — 4.5/5

Human: Fall Flat levels are completely open and filled with a variety of interactive tools and toys. It makes sense to study each new level before heading into passing it since puzzles often have many paths to success. Human: Fall Flat gives players unlimited options for exploration especially with every new level. With the extended possibilities of actions in someone else’s dream, you always find new things to discover.

If you find the gameplay exciting, you should definitely replay the game from time to time. Download Human: Fall Flat to dive headlong into Bob’s dream.

The Bottom Line

What’s going on in the surreal dreams of Bob? Let’s try to find out in Human: Fall Flat. Escape this never-ending falling by solving puzzles and passing challenges.

  • Many puzzles of different complexity
  • Low-poly graphics to enhance the dreamy atmosphere
  • The surreal environment
  • Online mode
  • The total walkthrough is rather short

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