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There aren’t very many hunting simulation games on console, and Hunting Simulator still doesn’t count as one of those. It provides a good-looking shooting range and an overall nice experience if all you’re looking for is a relaxing afternoon taking out animals that put up little of a challenge.

Graphics: 3.0

The virtual world in Hunting Stimulator isn’t stunning, but it still looks good enough for you to keep playing it. The lighting is decent, and the animal movements seem realistic. I do however have an issue with how the hunter seems always to maintain the same posture regardless of the terrain being walked on. The environment seems realistic enough, although framerate dips expose some inconsistencies in the terrain.

Gameplay: 3.0

The aim of this game is to track down prey and shoot them down. You are taken through a variety of locations around the globe, where you need to complete tracking objectives and take down your prey. There are multiple location themes such as desert, snow or mountain terrains. The game also occasionally takes you bird hunting.

You can walk, run, crouch and stand still. Regardless of the movement, you end up making too much noise, and the animals get scared off. In some instances, I noticed that the animals wouldn’t budge no matter how much noise you made. You can climb onto watchtowers and other high structures and take up a vantage point.

Animals can hear, smell and see you. An alertness meter onscreen informs you about the animal’s perception of these three senses; turning red means that they are fully aware of your presence. Playing in different places and completing missions unlocks new locations and weapons.  

Controls: 3.0

While I was expecting much from a “simulator,” I found the controls quite basic. It's literally just aimed and shoot, although on occasion you’ll have to select the right weapon to make the shot valid. Controls include aiming with the joystick, zooming in, pausing your breathing and shooting with the RT button. Though precision shots aren’t the easiest with a controller, it isn’t too bad either for a shooter.

Replay Value: 2.5

A hunting simulator would give all kinds of extra features such as the wind direction, animal calls and other specialized tools. This one gives you no simulation packages, and for this reason, I don’t think I’d replay this game if I had anything else to play. Some animals are too easy to take down, and others just make a kill a nuisance by running aimlessly even when not stirred. The variety of locations and different hunting missions makes it a little bit more exciting though.


Hunting Simulator isn’t a simulator, and it doesn’t offer sophisticated tools which would be expected from a $39.99 purchase boasting simulation capabilities. The graphics are a little lackluster, and FPS issues tend to pop up occasionally, but generally, the landscape is pleasant to look at. The game is by any standard boring. Walking around a vast terrain with no hunter tools and occasionally shooting a deer or bear isn’t my ultimate fantasy of gaming fun.


  • Offers a variety of hunting missions.
  • Pleasant landscape.
  • Glitchy.
  • Lacks basic simulation features.
  • Suffers framerate dips.

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