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Just Cause 3 Review: Experiment with Tools


Just Cause 3 is a third-person action-adventure game, played in an open world environment. Download Just Cause 3 and join crowds of players preferring this diverse and powerful game. You will get spectacular sandbox experience here.

Graphics — 5/5

Graphics are excellent being incredibly beautiful. There are various constructions and objects in this game striking of its authenticity. Though the environment is rather destructive, it is full of breathtaking sceneries. The fantasy of a developer is powerful.

Gameplay — 5/5

The story is set in fictional Republic of Medici located in Mediterranean land, that controlled by a brutal Dictator General Di Ravello. You should save the republic and destroy the General’s dictatorship. You are offered a lot of gadgets, weapons, and vehicles to perform your mission. You should be ready to immerse in an open world. You have to decide on a reliable vehicle to drive like jets, speedboats, helicopters, sports cars, and cool bikes. Use your parachute and other unusual means of transportation allowing you to move quickly.

There are a lot of kinds of weapon in the game like shotguns, tank-busters, and air-strikes. Everything is available. Just make the right choice and start completing your mission. A variety of tools is combined with enhanced mechanics. You will be focused on chaos and feel like a Batman and Spider-Man simultaneously in most scenes. Setting free provinces from the evil dictator, you will get new challenges popping up across your map. Machine gun score contest is waiting for you. Your character is expected to unlock gear modifications which offer new development of the plot. The game is very dynamic.

Controls — 3/5

Controls are not as responsive as they should be. Though, they are perfect for basic management. When we speak about the more complicated levels with higher speed and more difficult tasks, you will feel the inability of controls to respond as quickly as it should be.

Replay Value — 5/5

Before in this Just Cause 3 review we have mentioned that a player has a lot of weapons and in general that means he can try all of them playing a slightly different game. You will explore the landscapes of the wide map meaning that you will have a lot of variants to move within the game. There are a lot of levels with increasing difficulty, interesting effects which you will not discover from the first time. So as you see you can change your playing experience often and restart the game a lot of time.


Download Just Cause 3 and perform open-world activities within your mission. You will learn a rather common story and follow your target. The game encourages you to experiment, but not do it thoughtlessly. Try all the suggested effects and destroy the objects creatively.

  • Open-ended gameplay
  • Beautiful surrounding;
  • Nice working destruction mechanics
  • Joyful humor.
  • Poor narrative
  • Irresponsible controls
  • Crashes are possible.

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