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Kerbal Space Program Review: Based on Real Physics


Kerbal Space Program is a space flight simulator suggesting you get to space and have fun. It is developed by Squad and provides a player with plenty of space for creativity. But remember that the main goal is to help the Kerbals get into space. Download Kerbal Space Program and learn the ways to construct real spaceplanes and rockets without relevant technical education.

Graphics — 4/5

Graphics are well done. Though background design is pretty simple, the construction process is full of details. Perhaps, this is a reasonable approach because the rocket is the central object of this game. Still, it would be better if extra packs improving the environment are offered.

Gameplay — 5/5

There is an alien race the Kerbals which are going to explore planets and Moon in space. To launch a crew into orbit, you should create a ship using available parts. It is not so easy to assemble space stations as far as the requirements are based on real physics.

There gameplay modes. Science Mode suggests to carry out experiments unlocking new technologies and to develop the alien race. In Career Mode you have to consider every issue in order to perform the space program. You are expected to construct a spaceship, develop strategy, deliver funding and think over the upgrades. And at last, Sandbox is for those who do not want to be restricted with any conditions being ready to get involved in building only.

When you manage to create such a vehicle, you should take complete control over its setup and launch it in open space. It is important to think over communication channels providing a connection between a spacecraft and space center. Moreover, you are expected to hire and train Kerbal members of your crew. When they fly, they will discover a star system and explore new terrains. You can let your Kerbal crew leave a ship, scan terrain and find biomes using various tools. Test the material you get and perform researches to make some interesting conclusions.

Controls — 5/5

Controls are responsive. Standard game has default key bindings which allow to make characters walk, undo or redo the last action, scroll view up and down, move the ship, rotate a part. There are fights controls and system commands. The list is rather long, that is why you should read it beforehand and keep nearby when playing.

Replay Value — 5/5

Kerbal Space Program review reveals a secret why this game has a high replay value. The reason is freedom of creativity which every player is granted. You will have a base game with a set of parts and elements. If you do not find a part you want, you can get it from supplies of the modding community adding new details and skins. That is why your playing can be endless while you are fond of updating your creature.


Download Kerbal Space Program to get access to tons of parts required to build functional spacecraft. You will have to remember or find out aerodynamic and orbital physics if you want your vehicle fly. If it does not, try again this little game which will certainly train your brains and make you laugh at some moments.

  • A perfect concept and complicated challenges
  • High replayability
  • Light size about 2,55 GB.
  • Too complicated challenges.

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