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Killer Instinct Review: Real Battles


Killer Instinct is a rather aggressive fighting game where the characters struggle with each other urging for domination. Download Killer Instinct and join crowds of players enjoying this diverse and powerful game.

Graphics — 5/5

Graphics are really impressive. The realistic images with beautiful fighting make you fall in love with this game. Developer prides himself to create a very diverse game with various backgrounds and perfect looks.

Gameplay — 5/5

The plot is rather common. The ruined world with chaos, cruel rules which cause huge corporations to battle with each other. And here Ultratech, the main character, appears. He earns with fighting broadcasted widely. He is going to take part in Killer Instinct tournament and destroy all opponents.

Killer Instinct resembles other games in the fighting genre. Here your character will beat an opponent in a one-on-one duel. You will find here the elements of attack of Street Fighter and finishing moves from Mortal Kombat. So, we cannot say, it is unique, but still, you will enjoy fighting here. When a player wins two rounds, he gets two bars of energy. If a character manages to deplete the first life bar of opponent's, the fight is considered to be over without decreasing amount of energy. If he depletes the second life bar of his opponent, he wins the combat.

You can use individual attacks forming a combo which are automated. To enable this feature, you have to press a button or make some move. There are a lot of different moves and combos with a particular numbers of movements including those which are in a violent manner. They are recommended for a special moment during a battle. You can perform a long string of hits or a combo breaker move. Be aware of risks which can cause damage to your character.

Controls — 5/5

Be sure you will play this excellent game due to easy controls. Before to start, you should understand the basic buttons you are pressing. You will be able to make light, medium, and heavy punch, kick of various power and three punches or kicks at time. The scheme is not complicated at all.

Replay Value — 5/5

Killer Instinct review cannot reveal the entire potential of the game. There are a lot of versions and modes which differ with their missions, ways to win, and even art style. You can play arcade game or Super Nintendo where a lot of arcade options are preserved but other moments are changed. You will notice the graphics details decrease. Some effects are removed. Here you will find training and tournament modes, which compensate for low quality.


Download Killer Instinct and fight until the last survives. Spectacular battles are severe and pitiless! Avoid being trapped with Expensive seasonal release model. Character models could use more details.

  • Fun game with numerous characters
  • Combo-heavy fighting system
  • Incredible effects
  • Available in a free mode with restrictions.
  • Expensive seasonal in-app purchases
  • Poor character models sometimes
  • Intense violence with blood.

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