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Killing Floor 2 Review. Blood, Bullets, and Blades



Nothing inspires chill more than a first-person shooter in which the enemy AI doesn’t relent and comes in from all corners. That is Killing Floor 2, which takes survival zombie genres back to their roots and core.

Graphics: 5.0

The superbly detailed graphics are brought to life by powerful PCs, but consoles like mine suffer framerate issues which knock them a step down. The environment is well-designed, and in-game sequences create a whole new world of detail in the survival genre. The explosive kills and the splattering of blood, though not human, are still rendered well enough to leave you with a chilled spine when you’re done.

Gameplay: 5.0

After biotech research for military cloning goes wrong thanks to the good works of a mad scientist, Europe, and the UK go into turmoil due to the Zeds being unleashed. Governments are collapsing, and everything goes south. The zombies are relentless, and you have to engage your mind and fingers when playing because you never know when the next attack is coming.

I like the gameplay in Killing Floor 2 because it is uncomplicated: kill as many zombies as possible while achieving the target objective before you get killed first. While its graphics may not match up to more powerful engines, they certainly do inspire a new possibility of reality which urges the fight on. The Zeds are brought to life as a unique creation, and they are very anxious to kill, just like you are. The action is ramped up in survival mode, whether you play solo or with other people. The boss fights are epic, and you’ll break a real sweat to win any.

The progression system in this game is next-level, and you will be pleased with your own development and the efficient utility of the health pack you selected.

Controls: 5.0

The controls on Killing Floor 2 are impressive yet intuitive. Simply being able to carry two weapons in your hands and swapping them when you need to makes the controls uncluttered and efficient. This comes in handy because the game has furious fight scenes and ammo runs out quickly. There are no acrobatic movements, so no need for furious button taps. The only thing you need for this campaign is your gun.

Replay Value: 5.0

Every takedown of a Zed earns you a kill point (even better when it’s a headshot), which you can use to upgrade your ammo and body armor.  Each victory and level upgrade betters your base stats, making you want to fully understand how your perk works. The game has high replay value because the action is raw, and even more because of its unbeatable multiplayer modes. A team of 6 can be engrossed for hours.


This is one of the best first-person shooter games I’ve ever played, and it is just a joy to make it through all the levels without getting yourself overrun by bloodthirsty zombies. The controls are simple and intuitive, and this comes in handy because you never know where those hellish voices are coming from next. I was totally engrossed by this game, and you shouldn’t wonder why I gave it a 5.0 on everything.


  • Creative and immersive graphics.
  • Fluid controls.
  • Offers a character progression system.
  • The entire plot is quite short.

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