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LEGO® CITY Undercover Review: For Kids and Not Only


LEGO® CITY Undercover is an action-adventure game based on a well-known children erector set. The release date is April 2017, and since that time it has gained popularity. Download LEGO® CITY Undercover and enjoy the fun concept and challenges.

Graphics — 5/5

Graphics are amazing in LEGO style when everything resembles this constructor. You will build expressive constructions brick by brick and enjoy the result. Bright colors and plenty of elements make images vivid and charming.

Gameplay — 5/5

You can play in co-op mode with two mates exploring an open-world metropolis LEGO City. It is large and consists of over 20 districts which should be investigated. Here so many things happen and require your interference and attention. You will enjoy original storytelling with a witty contest which provides you with great playing experience.

The action takes place in the virtual Lego City. You will navigate a cop Chase McCain who is moving along the streets and hunting for criminals. He can perform various uncommon actions. He is able to execute wall jumps, swing across poles, disguise, and gain additional abilities. Chase is very skillful. He can drive cars and pilot helicopters, build constructions of bricks. He will communicate with other characters if he manages to unlock them. You can custom them to fulfill particular functions of a communicator or a scanner allowing to find the location of criminals.

You will definitely notice that the gameplay of this game has much in common with the Grand Theft Auto series if you played them before. But still, it is different. Being a police officer, you will enforce the law, and you will not commit a crime. Mind that game size is 18.13 GB which requires some spare space on your device.

Controls — 4/5

When you install this game on your Xbox One console, you will get access to tutorials with a description of your functions. We would admit the control system does not provide diverse ways to arrange all things around in the game.

Replay Value — 5/5

LEGO® CITY Undercover review does not include all features of the game. Actually, it can be used as an efficient tool being a map, communicator, and high-tech scanning device needed to complete your mission. There are a lot of elements that allow making LEGO City an amazing game full of challenges. You are offered more than 100 vehicles to drive and so many tasks to solve. So, we would say that the replay value is rather high.

The Bottom Line

Download LEGO® CITY Undercover, because it is a gorgeous mix of Lego elements with a lot of jokes and open-world gaming. You will keep your finger on the pulse of this lovely city rich in events and funny habitants. Being highly entertaining it suits almost any age. Perhaps in the nearest future, a developer will upgrade some items to make the game even better.

  • A lot of fun with cute characters
  • Interesting story with amusing dialogues
  • Well-designed open world.
  • Driving can be a little bit frustrating due to not perfect vehicle handling
  • Download time is long enough.

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