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LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 Review. Real Action!


The thrilling game lets you play alongside your favorite supervillains and superheroes from different realities and eras. Take a look at a full review of this original and all-new adventure.

Graphics: 4.0

The graphics used in Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 are cartoony, and most players find it appropriate for this game genre. Notably, this series has remained tied to its original attributes from 2005 to now. However, it’s right to note that there have been substantial changes in technology and design from the initial Lego Star Wars. For instance, the graphics have grown to reach exceptional levels with lots of polishing definitely visible.

Gameplay: 4.5

Just like any other typical Marvel film, Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 begins on a high note. A dazzling version of the Guardians of the Galaxy swings into action with the intention of defending Nova Corps. Within the game, goofy gags, elaborate combat, and explosions keep you hooked. Additionally, having a setup similar to a Marvel movie, this gaming adventure runs for long.

The game has several instances where it characterizes the events of Lego Marvel Super Heroes. However, you don’t need to have extensive knowledge of this series. Moreover, the plot borrows from Secret Wars, a Marvel 2015 summer event. With its similar attributes to those of others in the series, it ultimately remains to be a silly Lego game. This lightheartedness significantly undermines the character growth and the well-written dialogue.

Within Chronopolis, your task involves the usual gamut of global mission types: follow quests, fetch quests, and a few quests where you’ll be required to hit your rivals until they are no longer able to spawn.

Controls: 3.5

The missions in the story will require you to mash the attack buttons until each plastic enemy gets to pop apart. You’ll then wreak havoc on a particular area until you have gathered various collectibles alongside all the bricks. Notably, I find the controls to be quite clunky, and the camera doesn’t really seem to understand the direction you want to look in. Additionally, swimming and flying are especially maddening.

Replay Value: 4.5

Granted, the game setting and locations are well designed and diverse, and the environments, as well as iconic secrets, go well with the replay value. Additionally, there are several characters to unlock alongside the engaging gameplay that will keep you busy for long. You also get to encounter lots of adventures, challenges and rescue missions which show up on the radar. Finally, each stage lasts approximately 30 minutes, forming the basis of increasing replay value.


The game doesn’t deviate much from the already established Lego template. However, it has a variety of abilities, settings, and heroes which make it an invariably fun game to play. The combat comes out as relatively simple, but sometimes you may find it difficult to tell what you’re supposed to do next. Regardless, the story is both fun and lighthearted enough that such mild annoyances end up fading into the background.


  • The game is full of fresh ideas
  • Loads of side content
  • Shared/split screen capability
  • The game has framerate drops and glitches
  • The boss battles are tedious

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