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Little Nightmares Review: The Unique Atmosphere of a Nightmare


Little Nightmares, recently released for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, takes players to an atmospheric, gloomy world full of nightmarish creatures, dangers, and adventures. Download Little Nightmares and enjoy all the horrific experiences during the gameplay.

Graphics – 4/5

The graphics are simple but very pleasant. Monsters are capable of scaring you, while the scenery can mesmerize you. Very often you just want to wander around the hold and look at everything. Unfortunately, there is not enough time for this, and the monsters are not going to leave you alone.

The atmosphere is unique, and is augmented by the wonderful soundtrack. The main track will give you goosebumps.

Gameplay – 4/5

Little Nightmares is not a typical platformer, in which the player’s task is only to jump from one stone soaring in the air to another. Here you have to survive, constantly being in search of food. The main character is constantly hungry. Therefore, in order to survive, she needs food. However, all the inhabitants of the ship’s hold are looking for food, and some of them don’t mind eating Sixth for the main course.

You will need to continuously hide from creepy monsters. However, some of them may look quite peaceful. But this is only a vile deception. Only one kind of creature is harmless –Nomes. These are little men, resembling a fabulous dwarf or a brownie. They will play an important role in the story, but in the process of the game, they will not be able to give you the necessary help. So, the heroine has to rely only on herself.

Controls – 3.5/4

The controls are easy and understandable. Moving around the game screen and interacting with objects is done using the keyboard. You can familiarize yourself with the control keys by selecting the appropriate item in the menu.

The game starts in the darkness. To see something in the dark, use the lantern.

It cannot be said that the control of the game is bad, but according to the Little Nightmares review, when you are required to accurately move or jump, you feel discomfort.

Replay Value – 4/5

This is a tense game that can keep you playing for hours. The main thing you need to think about during the gameplay is where to get food. If you stop somewhere for a long time and forget about the food, you will die.

Roam the ship, study it, look for food and new monsters. All this is incredibly interesting, but it will also gradually move you along the plot. The plot, like the atmosphere of fear and hopelessness, cannot leave anyone indifferent.


Little Nightmares is a less thoughtful and sophisticated game than others in the same genre. Its riddles are not so inventive, and it would be good to polish the gameplay a little more.

However, it still keeps the players on their toes and gives them the opportunity to plunge into a dark story with a vicious atmosphere. The average score of critics is quite high, and all because the game can completely immerse you in the gameplay.

  • Unity of audiovisual content
  • No repetitions in the gameplay
  • Fertile ground for interpretations and thoughts.
  • Three-dimensionality coupled with a static camera sometimes causes inconvenience
  • Ā Ā  Lack of memorable, original puzzles.

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