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Lovely Planet Review: Jump and Shoot


Lovely Planet is a first-person shooter. Actions take place in an abstract world where you are allowed to shoot in any manner you can do it. It is not so easy to survive in one of five worlds packed with enemies. Download Lovely Planet if you want to try and stay alive.

Graphics — 5/5

Visuals and soundtrack are perfect though extremely simple. You will enjoy looks made in a particular style and perfect color combinations being not too bright. The game is represented on PlayStation and Xbox One. Enjoy pleasant music including a soundtrack by Calum Bowen.

Gameplay — 5/5

In the game there is almost no story. You can be confused with this first impression and buy it for your kids, but the game is played by adults too. Lovely Planet suggests tasks which are performed with speeding. You should play as fast as you can, completing each level. You will pass around, hit enemies with a couple of shots. Remember that if you miss an enemy, you should start again. And that is not all. There are a lot of rather simple actions you can fail to make and start over. Get hit by an enemy or miss a jump? You have to restart. Any error results in these consequences. It can irritate or make you firm and tough as nails trying to succeed. Thus, your main challenge is to play the game at a fast without any error.

Being well equipped to meet an enemy, you will jump around and aim to be able to make a more precise shot. You should not waste time camping and waiting. Continue jumping and search for hidden secrets. For your achievements you will earn stars. You should unlock 12 of them and get a reward.

Controls — 5/5

Default controls are helping you to navigate your character and win in the game. Use gamepad to press buttons and their combinations which should be learned before a start. They are offered in the tutorial.

Replay Value — 5/5

Lovely Planet review suggests you consider this game as one having a strong replay value being rather simple. This is a perfect time killer. There are a hundred levels which will require some efforts to master them. Every level has to be run in during a minute or earlier, and that happens to be not so easy as sounds that is why you will play it several times. You are suggested to fight in five different worlds.


Download Lovely Planet to rest from very complicated games. Perhaps you would like the higher levels of difficulty, but still the game is amazing. There is almost no story, and you will not know for sure who you are killing.

  • Simple challenges
  • Stylish design;
  • Nice music.
  • An abstract presentation which is not appealing;
  • No second try if an error is committed
  • First person platforming preventing to see the land
  • Poor shooting mechanics.

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