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Mahjong Review: Be Wise


Mahjong is a traditional board game being so popular in China. It is very intellectual, deep and sticking. There are plenty of rules which differ depending on the Chinese region. Download Mahjong if you want to know a version suggested by a developer.

Graphics — 4/5

Graphics are simple and rather nice. Though there is no anime here or any bright pictures, still design is stylish, and the images on tiles are smooth and eye pleasing. You are suggested to choose different graphic styles and create your own playing habits. You can turn on or off the music as you like.

Gameplay — 4/5

There are dices and tiles in various suits: Bamboos, Dots, Characters, Dragons, Winds. The tiles should be matched in certain combinations like three or four tiles of one identity, consecutive numbers and so on. If you would try to comprehend details of the real game, you will discover that rules are rather difficult, but when you play online Mahjong looks much simpler. Still, there is a catch to get blocked in. You are expected to think over your choices and avoid those traps. If you manage to play to the end of each level, you will be allowed to continue.

There are a lot of puzzles being played in a particular order – unlocking one by one. You cannot do some of them at a time or choose any you want. The game is straightforward but could benefit from better controls and more customization options. You should get as many scores as possible. You are suggested to compare them with other players from around the world.

Controls — 3/5

The directional controls of the game can be confusing because they do not always provide an immediate response to your action especially when you go to select tile, but in general, they are simple. There are only four options allowing you to manage background and tile design. If you need to start browsing, just go to the navigation menu at the top of a page and chose a topic. There is also a left-hand side which is also useful. In general, it is rather easy to cope with controls, but they can operate in slightly unsmooth manner.

Replay Value — 5/5

Mahjong review shows you that this game requires concentration and smartness to succeed. The developer has produced various boards which will never make you bored. There are 70 levels of increasing complicity. You will find a lot of new puzzles at every one. Though, you can refuse thinking too much and just select tiles using this game as a time killer.


Download Mahjong and find out why it is so popular with Chinese players. The game released date is 2016. It is intended for 4 players of all ages. The game size is about 613 Mb so you should consider this fact concerning free place on your mobile device. But systems requirements are minimum so you will open this product easily.

  • Smart gameplay
  • High replayability
  • Sticking.
  • A lot of rather confusing rules
  • Controls are not smooth.

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