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MONOPOLY PLUS Review: Find your Way to the Top


MONOPOLY PLUS is a colorful version of the well-known board game. Now you can play it online with friends and other players around the world. Download Monopoly Plus to your personal computer, as well as PS4, PS3, Xbox One X, Nintendo Switch consoles.

Graphics — 5/5

The game Monopoly Plus cannot boast of excellent graphics, but the game has animated figures and surroundings. This game has three types of fields: classic where the entire field is made in a simple original design, "Cartoon" on which it is quite difficult to navigate the first time, and the field is designed in the style of Rayman Rabbits.

Gameplay — 4.5/5

The gameplay of Monopoly Plus completely repeats the original desktop version. You can choose one of 8 options for the rules, select the figures, roll the virtual bones and plan a strategy to capture the entire map and get the most profit from all constructed buildings.

Controls — 4/5

Control takes place with the help of a keyboard and a mouse or only a mouse. Also, if you play on consoles in the game, there is a conveniently localized control system for hot buttons on the joysticks.

Replay Value — 5/5

The game has a high degree of replayability. You can play as a local network with your friends and family. Or with other players around the world. In Monopoly Plus reviews, as well as from any other game from Ubisoft, people note the long loads between rounds, as well as the long wait for the selection of opponents over the network. And a very long wait for connecting to servers.


This game is suitable for Monopoly lovers and just casual wear. The advantage of Monopoly Plus over the desktop version is that you can play it in different places. Also, the price of the electronic version is lower than its real version.

  • Local and network game mode
  • Several types of representation of the playing field
  • Ability to play with "home rules".
  • Inconvenient interface
  • When installing the PC, you must install Uplay
  • Non-customizable gameplay (do not skip or speed up bots)
  • Bad optimization.

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