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Need For Speed Game Review


Developed by Ghost Games and published by Electronic Arts, Need for Speed is the cult in the open world racing category. This is the twenty-second installment of the revered Need for Speed series.

Graphics —4.5/5

The graphics element is what makes Need for Speed distinct from the other installments of the same franchise. You can expect some truly sensational graphics and visuals in the game. All the events in the game take place at night, and most of the time, it’s raining. The developers have done a commendable job in simulating the visuals.

Further, the storylines have been depicted in the form of videos. The switch between videos and gameplay is smooth enough to avoid any distraction during the gaming mode.

Gameplay —4/5

The gameplay of Need for Speed incorporates five different gameplay settings – Speed, Style, Crew, Build, and Outlaw. The storyline differs in each of the cases, however, the stories overlap. Further, the type of races also differs.  For example, in the Style path, you will be focusing on drift events. In the Build mode, you would be unlocking car parts to customize your car. All these events take place in a fictional city of Ventura Bay. As the game has open-ended gameplay, there are events set up in different settings.

The story revolves around six people. You are the player and there are five other guys in your crew – Spike, Amy, Robyn, Manu, and Travis. The characters in the game want to get noticed by the real-world motorsport icons such as Magnus Walker, Akira Nakai, Ken Block, Shinichi Morohoshi, and so on. As the player becomes the ultimate racing icon, then the game is about the challenge against other characters and gaming icons.

Controls —4.5/5

The controls of Need for Speed are similar to those seen in other racing games. However, there are certain changes with respect to the customization aspects. When you earn cash in the game, you purchase parts to upgrade your car. And when you level, certain upgrades get unlocked. Now, the main task is how you navigate through the garage and find the appropriate part during the customization process. The task can be cumbersome if you are new to the game.

Replay Value — 4.5/5

The game is successful in captivating player’s attention. The graphics of the game are simply outstanding. However, the cityscape may look normal, nothing fancy or creative about it. Apart from this, the simulation is excellent. The throttling machines will surely elevate your adrenaline levels.

Further, the intriguing storyline revolving around the characters and their ambitions, smooth transition between videos and gameplay, and the open-world gameplay surely adds to the replay value of the game.


Need for Speed is a complete package of captivating graphics and background score, intriguing & progressive storyline, high-end racing beasts, challenging tracks, multiple customization options, and so on; you just cannot ask for more.

The game supports single player and multiplayer mode. However, in both the cases, the internet connection is mandatory. The difficulty in leveling up renders a tough time for the gamers. If you have EA access, you have to a pay a bare minimum cost to access the game.

  • Surreal graphics & setup
  • High-end cars & wide range of customization
  • Captivating story & gameplay
  • The racing sequences may appear repetitive
  • Ventura Bay landscape lacks creativity

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