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In the game industry dominated either by large-budget blockbusters or brain-numbing time-killers, a title based on absurd humor and genuine wit is especially valuable. Octodad: Deadliest Catch is that kind of game. My kind of game. Silly, funny and a bit idiotic.

Graphics: 4

Cute and eye-friendly visuals of the game are reminiscent of a 3D cartoon, released circa 2004. The only difference is that it's much more polished and perfected. That game doesn't aspire to be something severe or pretentious hence it's childish/entertaining looks.

However the creators took a serious approach towards the physics of the game - after all, they dictate the entire gameplay of the Octodad. The same goes for object-interaction and detailing - they are surprisingly good for such a light-hearted game. The sounds that the octopus daddy produces, reacting to certain circumstances, are guaranteed to raise a smile.

Apparently, the soft-bodied protagonist's utterances were inspired by the renowned Dr. Zoidberg - this comical gibberish always has a different emotional tonality depending on the context of a current situation. 

Gameplay: 5

Your mission isn't easy. You are an invertebrate who poses as a loving husband and father. It's hard to identify what sort of substance inspired such a fantasy in the creators' heads but I should admit - it's quite lovely.

Your life as a disguised octopus will include:

· Grabbing various items - pumpkins, lamps, wedding rings, etc.
· Doing mundane tasks.
· Climbing up walls, elevators and large fish-tanks.
· Concealing your real identity from the marine biologists.

Every time Octodad gets to do one of the things above - it turns into ludicrous and playful chaos since the Octopus doesn't have normal human fingers.

The missions are hilarious but the gameplay, generally, lacks a variety of them. For instance, I would love a mission in which Octodad has to perform a bank-robbery. Crime + insane absurdity always cause jolly laughter.
The game is more of a light-spirited entertainment, and its missions aren't too hard, BUT there's one considerable challenge - controlling the Octodad.

Luckily if you have friends, you can play in a multiplayer mode - up to 4 people simultaneously. Each of your pals can control a separate limb of the cunning octopus which will turn either into well-synchronized cooperation or well... an asininity-ridden fest. The odds are it'll be the latter. 

Controls: 3.5

I must say that the jelly-like Octodad is hard to manipulate. Imagine if you had to walk on a violently spinning carousel while being intoxicated by excellent absinthe. The Octodad experiences the same while imitating a bipedal creature. It's just impossible to control the beast with anything but a gamepad. Prepare for hardcore training. 

Replay Value: 4.5

Strangely enough, the Octodad is quite magnetic. I don't know what's the biggest attraction to me: a cuckoo-cuckoo plotline, a comical invertebrate, ridiculous missions, and objectives or maybe all of it put together, but I have an urge to repeat my adventure as a deceptive ocean beast. Unfortunately, the gameplay of the Octodad is pretty short giving you only 6-7 hours of silly walking. 


If you genuinely enjoy the depths of insanity hilarious absurdity and a bit cretinous back-story and missions - this game is your go-to. Furthermore, the co-op mode will make things bloody worse much funnier as soon as your buddies grab the extra controllers.


  • Creative back-story.
  • A ton of fun.
  • An octopus posing as a human.
  • Great physics.
  • Co-op mode.
  • A bit outdated graphics.
  • Hard-to-master controls.
  • Short gameplay.
  • Repetitive objectives.
  • No GTA-inspired missions.

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