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Outlast 2 Review: One of the Best Action Horrors


Outlast 2 is a 1st person survival horror game developed and Red Barrels studio in 2017. In the game, you play as a curious journalist Blake Langermann who travels to Arizona desert planning to solve the mysterious murder of an unknown pregnant woman. Unfortunately, they get into the helicopter crash that brings them into different locations of a sectarian village. You can download Outlast 2 for your Xbox One on Xbox Live.

Graphics – 5/5

Though the Outlast 2 game is powered by the old Unreal Engine 3, it looks very smooth and realistic. For the vast majority of the time, you have to look through the viewfinder of a digital Handycam because 90% of locations are covered with pitch-dark mist. The camera is the only way to see through. The horror effect of this feature is incredibly strong.

Gameplay – 4.5/5

Outlast 2 gameplay is a combination of classic horror with 1st person survival RPG. This game is based on the cinematic horror subgenre called “the found footage.” It means that for the vast majority of the time you have to look through the screen of a Handycam with a night-vision regime on. Otherwise, you can’t distinguish objects in the darkness.

From the times of the first chapter, the main character developed his operator skills and purchased a more advanced camcorder. Now you can use it not only to see through the darkness, but also to detect distant movement noise. You have to switch the device off periodically to save battery life. Additional accumulators are scattered around levels as well as health kits.

The plot of Outlast 2 horror game tells a tangled story of a journalist and his wife whose helicopter crashed in Coconino County. The main character wakes up and finds the pilot without the scalp. He makes his way through the woods and finds a weird village where all dwellers sacrificed their children to praise God and save themselves from Anti-Christ. The story includes episodes of blaming a pervert who abused a schoolgirl Jessica. After multiple sudden meetings with insane characters, Blake finally figures out that the reason for insanity is hidden inside the secret laboratory in the mountains.

Controls – 5/5

Outlast 2 review of PC, and Xbox One versions revealed that both keyboard and gamepad inputs are similarly convenient for playing. The gameplay is generally unhurried, and you are not required to perform accurate actions like shooting.

Replay Value – 4/5

Outlast 2 full game campaign completion takes about 6 hours. The journey through the dark Arizona forest is a very nerve-taking experience with medium-core survival elements. You can replay the game in higher difficulty modes, but there are no optional endings. There is also no multiplayer or cooperative mode.


Outlast 2 is one of the scariest horror franchises on the market, so it’s recommended to all fans of the genre. The level of suspense in the game is always very high, holding you at the edge of your sit ready to run away. It’s a rare title due to the exciting deliberate plot and immersive gameplay.

  • The scariest survival horror game so far
  • Extremely depressing atmosphere
  • Improved graphics
  • Diverse terrain.
  • Some scenarios are repetitive
  • Nothing supernatural, just a sci-fi idea.

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