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Risk Review. Luck, Wits and Strategy


At its core, the game is basically about the name – Risk. The strategy board game is characterized with conquest, conflict, and diplomacy and is usually played by two to six players.

Graphics: 3.5

Risk uses cartoonish graphics alongside a smart sense of humor to give the almost shallow game some life. It is generally simple, but for an experience that may be incredibly overwhelming for those who haven’t played Risk before, this kind of simplicity is welcomed. The graphics are designed to make you focus primarily on the strategy element. You’ll realize how basic these graphics are when you attempt to go beyond maps.

Gameplay: 4.0

When it comes to gameplay, Risk heavily relies on luck. It also requires logic planning, and you’ll also need to employ strategic wits to succeed in any of your endeavors. The players will be expected to take turns and draft their platoons into nearby territories to launch attacks before finally fortifying the weaker areas. Your turn ends after fortifying.

Risk doesn’t only involve attacking; you’ll also be required to consider the appropriate times to defend and retreat. Just like in any other luck game, dice rolls determine the attacks you make. Notably, the more your troops are on the offense, the higher the number of throws. It will take a maximum of three rolls before the most upper roller wins.

To be frank, my team was obliterated more than once despite us having more tanks in the battle. This was merely because the rival rolled his lucky six. Therefore, despite having odds stacked in your favor, you will still require an element of luck to come out victorious.

Controls: 4.5

One of the factors that I find most incredible with Risk is that the controls are quite straightforward and easy to grasp. Considering how easy it is to recognize and follow them, I believe that no one, especially if you’re already familiar with Risk’s basic rules, will be thrown off by the learning curve. Although some controls are unintuitive and confusing the very first time you encounter them.

Replay Value: 4.0

The replay value of Risk lies in the instances where you reach your domination moments, only for you to be out-lucked during some of the worst possible situations. Generally, Risk offers good replay value enhanced with many ounces of humor that play out through its original storyline. However, some people who don’t like playing games with a lack of control won’t find it appealing.


In general, Risk is a kind of game that can be downright heartless in some instances. If you’re in need of an entirely strategy-based game with the opportunity to plan your world takeover, then this isn’t it. However, if what you need is an incredible luck game to play with a couple of friends or an activity to scratch the old school itch, then this would be a pretty nice pickup.


  • Excellent mechanics of strategy
  • Includes offline player mode
  • Functional online multiplayer
  • Shallow tutorial
  • The game has occasional lags

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