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Roblox Review: How to Create the Brand New Reality?


What is Roblox? First of all, this is the largest play platform with extended opportunities to build your own gaming reality. Is it well-developed to suit players of all kinds? Probably, yes. Because there 55 million Roblox players on the planet, which tells us the game is really universal for most of the people.

Roblox lets create games on your own and play exclusive games developed by the same gamers as well. There are approximately 40 million games already launched in Roblox. The freedom of choice, the tons of possibilities for every gamer. You still haven’t downloaded Roblox? Then faster read our Roblox review to find out why you need to join the game community immediately.

Graphics — 4/5

If you are a Minecraft fan, then faster proceed to Roblox. The same level of graphics, pixelated and minimalistic, is present in this game as well. The cartoonish world of pixels and blocks is ready for interaction with you in Roblox.

The minimalistic interface offers you creative tools, mechanics, and script elements to create any game which just comes to your mind. You are going to feel yourself a real designer interacting with the blocky environment.

Do not look for crisp graphics in Roblox. Instead of it, look for the unlimited opportunities of creation and embodiment of your gaming fantasies.

Gameplay — 4.5/5

As Roblox lets you create any game or play one of 40 million created by other players, there is no constant gameplay in it. However, there are some similar aspects for all the Roblox projects.

Every Roblox game starts with character creation. This process is similar to playing with the Lego constructor. When your hero is ready to conquer the Roblox world, think about the game concept. What environment do you want to create? What activities will be available in your tiny Roblox world?

Build an environment, and invite friends and users to visit your house. The more users come to play your game, the more money you can earn. Yes, you haven’t been mistaken: you can monetize your Roblox games as they are interesting for other players. Create an environment with mini-games in it which can be battlefield actions, playing with toy cars, puzzle-solving games.

With the money you’ve earned, you can modify your character’s appearance, the clothes he wears, and buy materials for further crafting. So start creating mini-games in Roblox to invite players and get money, if your games attract a large audience.

Controls — 5/5

Roblox is the world with no limits. So you can decide yourself, what controls will be actual for your own game. Make your own experiments with key combinations and mastering the controls. Just make sure that the controls of your Roblox game will be convenient enough to get used to them.

Replay Value — 4.5/5

Roblox is the platform which is good both for kids and adults, players and developers. It suits best for those people who want to understand the basics of game development and track the reasons for their games success.

Roblox developers come back to the platform to improve their development skills, players - come back for more games and playing experience.

The Bottom Line

Roblox brings you the freedom of creating and playing various games. It pushes your imagination to the new limits, and you always strive for more to make your game noticed on the platform. Create and discover other games. If you are ready to deal with lean graphics for the sake of creative gaming, then Roblox is definitely your choice.

  • Convenient game editor
  • Unlimited possibilities for players and game developers
  • Good both for children and adults
  • Lean graphics
  • Advanced development is not possible with Roblox


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