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Full Review of RWBY: Grimm Eclipse - A Slasher That Makes You Depressed


I always have a bad feeling whenever I see an anime-stylized game. It's so alarming and it makes my forehead so sweaty... The same feeling I had with RWBY: Grimm Eclipse produced by Rooster Teeth Games. It's the studio's debut, and as you know, the first chick lands with a thud. Let's see if it's true.

Graphics – 2/5

The game is nothing but an anime series brought to your Xbox in a daring, yet avaricious attempt to squeeze some pennies out of the series fans. As I have said, it's anime-stylized and has pretty realistic physics for an indie game. However, these are the only merits the game can boast of.

The things I detest:

  • Details of the environment are either very well hidden or non-existent. Probably that's why most of the time you have to observe generic, bland and more than just abstract decorations.
  • Sometimes it looks like the developers had never heard of such a natural phenomenon as shadows too because occasionally they are absent as well and you have an illusion that your character doesn't run but rather floats above the ground without touching it. It's almost a Biblical miracle.
  • It's curious to observe how your avatar can jump 12 feet high but yet it is absolutely powerless when it comes to stepping over a curb.
  • There are only 3-4 types of monsters you're going to deal with throughout the game, and I must state the obvious: it's the ultimate, unchallengeable, almost godlike laziness.

The only thing that can compete with sloppy work on the hostile NPCs is, by all means, unimaginative and colorless sound design.

Every attack you produce is accompanied by the same weapon sound and the same grunt. Over and over again. If you're negligent enough to hit the attack buttons too many times - your ears will be subjected to instant, severe retribution of repeating and overlapping strike-sounds. Mysteriously, the volume of the audio-effects is never balanced and some of them will R.I.P. your eardrums. P.S. The invisible walls are a scourge. 

Gameplay – 1.5/5

I never watched the series, and I can't say anything about the back-story. Because there are no dialogues! Seriously characters seem to be deaf and dumb because they show no interest in interacting with each other.
RWBY incorporates various elements, trying to create an engaging playable cocktail that consists of:

  • MOBA-like gradual upgrades, that require XP amassing;
  • Slashing;
  • Magic & Sword;
  • Co-op game.

You can share your lamentable adventure with three other friends or you can bear your cross solo, which would be a very humane thing to do. Unless you and your buddies are masochists the series fans.

In all honesty, the entire gameplay is based on you slaying hordes of half-crazed monsters who at times sorta resemble insane avalanches made of living flesh. And that's about it. Use your katana or a magic spell - it still doesn't get any more captivating. The only difference is that locations change from time to time. What a remarkable courtesy. 

Controls – 3/5

Basic and simple. The only nuisance is that your avatar is somewhat clumsy and awkward at times - due to haste and poor optimization. So it won't be your fault.

Replay Value: 0

There’s a less than zero chance I will ever launch this game again. I’m not an enemy to my good taste and eardrums, for crying out loud. 

The Bottom Line

RWBY: Grimm Eclipse seems to absorb all the worst clichés that the majority of anime games have been known for: poor gameplay, zero plot and sloppy production. Grotesquely big (female) breasts are the only missing ingredient. I strongly recommend avoiding playing it unless you're a fan of the series. But even then it'd be a waste of money.

  • It's for fans
  • Very colorful
  • Co-op mode
  • High jumps
  • Ends soon.
  • Terrible sound design
  • Sloppy graphics
  • Invisible walls
  • No distinct plotline
  • Nothing engaging.

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