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Scrabble Review: Entertaining Game For The Whole Family


Originally, Scrabble is a board game, but Ubisoft company decided to make a digital copy, so since 2015, Scrabble is available for a download on Xbox One and PS4. It is a word-spelling game, which you can play with family, friends, strangers on the Internet or with artificial intelligence.

Graphics – 5/5

Graphics here are mere, and that is understandable. It is not an AAA project, like Far Cry or other Ubisoft games, so developers did the best they could. Graphics are colorful but not too bright.  On the background, we can see some letters. It helps the player not to get bored because otherwise, the image would be dull and monotonous. You cannot change graphics quality. In fact, there is nothing to be changed due to this game genre.

Gameplay – 4/5

We could give the gameplay a solid 5, in not for one simple reason: it takes some time to find players online. To be fair, there are plenty of game modes, but we should start from the main menu. It is pretty compact. You have a few options to choose: Quick Play (the player is able to play against AI), Multiplayer, Leaderboards, Help&Options, and access to Uplay functions.

In online Multiplayer you can select which lobby you want to create. It can be a private room to play with friends only, or it can be a public room with a bunch of people. After choosing your lobby, you have to decide which mode you would like to play. There are only three of them. The first is a classic mode with a default scrabble rules. The second is a time attack in which every player gets 45 seconds per turn. The third and last is a score rush. You can choose any of these three and play it with friends or random people. At the end of the game each player will get some points, their number depends on how well the man played.

Controls – 5/5

The controls are effortless and straightforward. The game is not dynamic, and it does not require speed or reaction to interact with letters.

The rules are simple and usual as in the board game. The player starts to place words on the field that consists of 225 squares. After that other participants have to place their word so it would cross with the phrase that is already on the game field. The person, who has the biggest score is a winner.

Replay Value – 5/5

You can play this game as much as you want. Every match is unique, and you have to show your creativity if you want to be in the first place. Besides, this game is a perfect choice to spend some time with friends or family. This game will be surely played many times.

The Bottom Line

In this Scrabble review we have discussed the main goal of the game, its gameplay, and other game mechanics, that should be noticed before buying this game for the Xbox One. Scrabble is fun to play with a nice company of family or friends. It can also be a perfect time killer even if none of your acquaintances owns the game.

  • Cross-platform: available on Xbox and Ps4
  • An amazing time killer.
  • It takes time to find players in multiplayer.

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