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Slime Rancher Review: Welcome to the Far, Far Range


Let’s move to another galaxy, to the planet Far, Far Range. The cutest in the whole universe slimes are living there. They are small and funny, and you are young Beatrix LeBeau among them. This is the name of the main character for whom you are going to play being a player in Slime Rancher.

This is the game about a ranch of slimes, and the main heroine is the owner of this ranch. First, build a farm, then explore the beautiful surroundings of the planet. 3D farming simulation is the thing you’ve been looking for? Faster download Slime Rancher and find out all the game details in our Slime Rancher review.

Graphics — 5/5

What can be cuter than slimes? What can be more colorful than Slime Rancher? The game developers designed the animated universe which is bright and appealing.

The graphical implementation worth the highest marks: all the characters and landscapes are well-designed and precisely-crafted. This cartoonish 3D simulation with the help of visuals lets you immerse into a friendly, peaceful atmosphere immediately.

Gameplay — 4.5/5

Welcome to the Far, Far Range planet with its colorful landscapes and cute inhabitants. Get your hands at making the life of its inhabitants better. Your mission is to build a ranch for slimes of all shapes and sizes. Let us remind you, the main character is Beatrix LeBeau, beautiful blue-haired girl who likes adventures and all kinds of challenges.

You will take care of slimes by paying attention to their food preferences, helping keep a diet, selecting fruits, vegetables, and meat. The right kind of food for each slime is essential.

The other task is to collect as many slimes as you can. Provide these creatures with more living space and comfortable conditions. Build new farms and grow fruits and vegetables there. Grow chickens on farms: they are also available for collecting. Collect various items required for farming as well: you’ll have the vacuum backpack or the VacPack for these needs.

There is a massive variety of slimes in the game. They differ in shape, size, color, habits, and so on. When you feed some with someone else's products, the creatures borrow properties from each other and turn into largos, more profitable and larger slices. This is how you can create about a hundred different slime combinations.

Controls — 5/5

Slime Rancher controls are intuitive and easy-to-manage right from the game start. You can find all the needed combinations from the Options menu. Interact with the game world easily with your Xbox controller.

Here are some combinations you will use from the beginning. Use Left Stick to move, Right Stick to look, Right Trigger to shoot, Left Trigger to vacuum various items, etc. Jump with A, interact with X, flashlight with Y, and so on. Feel comfortable in the Slime Rancher world with the convenient controls the game offers every player.

Replay Value — 4.5/5

Slime Rancher brings positive and funny experience so unusual for modern games. Want to get some fun? Faster get your hands at this bright and friendly game. Download Slime Rancher if you look for good mood and the cheerful atmosphere.

Colorful visuals and interesting gameplay are the things you will always like to come back. However, it is unlikely you would like to start the game from scratch because in that case, you will lose all the coins you’ve earned before. So it is better to replay by sticking to your ongoing game and upgrading your ranch if you want to replay the game.


The Bottom Line

A kind story, the prettiest creatures to meet, colorful environment, and cheerful atmosphere. Isn’t it enough for you to play Slime Rancher?

  • Cartoonish, colorful graphics
  • Beautiful landscapes and cute characters
  • A variety of locations to explore
  • Unique in-game items such as plorts, the VacPack, and so on
  • No plot in the game
  • There are not a lot of challenging tasks

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