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Spy Chameleon Review: You will be in the Skin of a Spy


Spy Chameleon game is an action-puzzle game in which you have to play a chameleon spy. You should avoid being noticed with the help of the special abilities of the main character and also carry out the tasks set before you. You can download Spy Chameleon from the official Microsoft Xbox Live for your Xbox One. The game was released on May 22, 2015.

Graphics — 5/5

Spy Chameleon game comes out on various platforms such as PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and many others. And on all these platforms, the game looks great. Spy Chameleon reviews have both positive and negative ratings. But most users note the beautiful appearance of the game and the graphics.

Gameplay — 3.5/5

The gameplay of the game comes from the top view. You control the thief chameleon. The main strategy of this game is to solve puzzles while using stealth. The game has 15 levels in all 5 missions. But it should be said that the game is monotonous. With a large number of missions and levels, different opponents who have distinctive features and the principle of the game remains the same. And it is somewhat depressing, especially after passing a couple of levels. You can change the color of your camouflage. At each level you can test your skills, collect items at the level and beat the time, completing tasks faster than other players. The game has a system of achievements, which can be obtained by performing specific tasks.

Controls — 3/5

Playing the keyboard and mouse is not very convenient. The game is better implemented on the console joysticks. The movement of the hero is smoother, and the control of the movement of characters is easier. The player has all the chameleon features assigned to the individual buttons on the joystick.

Replay Value — 3/5

Spy Chameleon is a good time killer, but its replayability raises questions. The game is short, all levels and missions take several hours to complete. With a successful scenario, it can be completed in 1.5 hours. To increase the game in size, developers have created such a scheme: a new level is opened only if the previous level has been passed by 3 stars. There are levels of difficulty. If you like the game, you can replay it by changing difficulty levels from easy to hard.


It is a good arcade puzzle, the principle of which depends on the color change. This game will check the speed of your reactions and clarity of action. The design of the locations is beautiful, but rather complicated because sometimes it takes a very long time to explore the location to quickly pass the levels. It is also sometimes necessary to engage in pixel hunting since even the frequent presence of save points does not help. The character can be detected. There are no different strategies in the game because you follow the standard least difficult path.

Interesting gameplay, as well as low cost, allows you to purchase the game without saving money. In the game, you can create multiple accounts to play the game with a few people with different levels of passage.

  • The game works on various platforms such as PS4, PC, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and many others
  • Pleasant soundtrack
  • Well-designed levels, nice effects
  • A lot of tasks to perform.
  • The character gets stuck in the interior objects
  • Difficult to manage with the keyboard and mouse
  • A very long time to wait for the game to load and waiting for the movements of enemies
  • Periodically it is necessary to engage in pixel hunting.

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