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Star Wars Battlefront Review. War and Dice


This is an exciting multiplayer-focused game created by DICE whose release was pertinent to enthusiasts. Long-time fans of this franchise across the globe find it appealing.

Graphics: 5.0

Regarding the graphics, the developers have stepped up their game for this title and delivered utterly astonishing visuals. You’ll be surprised at just how painstakingly precise the objects and environments were replicated. Basically, the game looks almost similar to the movies. This goes a long way in immersing players in the world of Star Wars and making them feel like they are taking part in iconic battles.

Gameplay: 4.0

This incredible action-filled game captures everything you love about Star Wars. The gameplay is imaginative and playful, driven by fun and a sense of adventure above everything else. The developers have created almost precisely the kind of Star Wars multiplayer you can ever dream of.

Notably, Battlefront lacks the longevity that makes the source material great. You’ll enjoy initial engagement, and within the first 10 hours, you’ll be swept through harrowing firefights taking place at quite a rapid pace. Afterward, the cracks begin to show. Finally, it ends up feeling more like some homage to the movies rather than an actual Star Wars game.

Most of the gameplay attributes are stunning, and the sound design will genuinely amaze you. You’re surrounded with ambient wildlife while the explosions continue to hit bunker walls as the raindrops strike ferns. Notably, there are abundant levels with nine competitive and distinct variants, and the maps encourage battle tactics across the different modes.

Controls: 4.5

The controls are quite simple and consistent. Apart from a couple of standout items like the jump jet (that allows you to leap into the fray across the map), unlocks don’t really interfere with the controls in the long run. One of the options that are most valuable are the trait cards, which offer perks such as explosive damage resistance and radar masking. Moreover, juggling the weaponry won’t be a challenge.

Replay Value: 4.0

Its replayability hinges upon how good the modes are. I really like the fact that the game offers 12 different locations. Additionally, it keeps improving with each update, and you can play it for hours. For a much better experience, don’t just play one mode, but all of them. Moreover, I find it more captivating when I’m not in that overly competitive mood, that makes it fun whether I lose or win.


Overall, I’ve enjoyed playing this game, and I find it to be quite fun despite the flaws. One of the most notable aspects is that it is inspired by the Star Wars franchise. Therefore, enthusiasts like me will end up enjoying themselves as they play along familiar settings which are accompanied by the franchise’s classical music themes. However, if you’re entirely not a fan of multiplayer games, you won’t find it appealing.


  • Well-rendered graphics
  • Star Wars villains and heroes add to the game
  • It’s costly to purchase expansions outside the season pass

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