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The Bridge Review: Follow the Logic


The Bridge is a 2D logic puzzle game where you are expected to prove and reevaluate your idea of physics. Download The Bridge and train your mind in a playful form.

Graphics — 5/5

Graphics are impressive. This game offers to discover strange worlds designed in a highly detailed manner creating a sense of intellectual accomplishment. Enjoy hand-drawn black-and-white lithograph here.

Gameplay — 5/5

You are suggested to navigate a character looking like Escher within rotating 2D environment. This effect influences gravity because of changing the orientation of the landscape. You will find details resembling Isaac Newton. Sleeping under a tree your character awakes after an apple hits him. From now on he will manipulate gravity so that it would be difficult to find the ceiling and floor of the suggested unusual architectures. You will experience the new type of game as an art form.

Here you will get various levels. The only goal is to help a key character to get to the exit door. It seems to be easy. There are no long routes full of traps and hidden secrets or brutal fighting. You will face only puzzles based on gravitation and develop your lost-proofing. It is all about the art of M. C. Escher, and the game reminds you of his genius artworks. At each level you will see grayscale with hand-drawn illustrations.

Controls — 5/5

Controls are simple and responsive. The scheme is minimalistic. To find the way out, you are expected to rotate the world using the arrow keys. In this way you will change the direction of gravitation for separate objects on your screen. You can navigate the character with the A and D buttons directing him left and right correspondently. You will open doors, interact with an environment and activate objects.

Replay Value — 5/5

The Bridge review proves this game to be a perfect intellectually stimulating experience. You should not be skilled gamers to perform the mission of this game. You should take the tasks thoughtfully and focus on the puzzles without distraction. Different stages bring new challenges. You will never be bored with this concept discovering new ways out throughout the game.


Download The Bridge and enjoy intellectual puzzles. Size of the game is about 429 MB that is not a lot. So you can install it on your console without restrictions. Its release date is 14.8.2015 and since that it has been popular with players of different ages. We should highlight the excellent game design with an unusual representation of the main idea including fantastic visuals. The game can boast of a range of nominations and wins from international independent game competitions.

  • Perfect visuals
  • Smart gameplay
  • Simple control scheme.
  • None of them.

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