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The Culling Review. Be Witty and Survive


The game derives its inspiration from Battle Royale, a 2000 Japanese movie, to place you and other 15 players on an extensive open map armed with nothing but your wits.

Graphics: 3.5

The Culling generally looks nice, and it features a detailed and singular style that has one of the best and unique feelings among the top games on the scene. The fact that the animations used are choppy isn’t helpful, and unfortunately, it fails to deliver here. This makes it challenging to try and react to swings from an enemy or even time your own, hindering what would have been some of the most enjoyable segments.

Gameplay: 4.0

As every match begins, a group of 16 players is dropped entirely empty-handed into a vast landmass filled with forests, lakes, and grasslands. There also exist lots of abandoned buildings throughout the map. The primary goal here is to eliminate everybody to become the sole survivor or opt to join a group and instead have a team deathmatch. The game show announcer narrates the match, and you get to hear the crowd react to different situations while the show goes along.

The Culling also features a team mode where you can group up with a friend to fight seven pairs of two-man squads. This inclusion is much appreciated since playing alongside an ally will shake things up to make for an enjoyable experience. As a result of the incompetence displayed by the overall melee-focused design, The Culling ends up feeling quite repetitive since you’ll end up chasing after foes while hoping that the game mechanics don’t mess you up.

Controls: 4.0

One area where the game succeeds flawlessly is in the simple controls and customization incorporated to ease things up. One setback about it, however, is that the game doesn’t really hold up for long due to its melee combat system which is exploitable in no small extent. But you’ll still find the controls to be quite decent and easy to understand, so you’ll be enjoying the adventure with minimal hustle.

Replay Value: 4.5

The action-filled adventure comes with high replay value. You’ll get to explore a vast world that’s filled with loads of tasks that reward you with F.U.N.C. and customize the gameplay to what befits you. Additionally, you get to enhance your performance and use a variety of weapon combinations to fight the equally cold-blooded rivals. All this is enough to keep you glued to the game and play it over and over for lengthy periods.


Overall, the game turns out to be a title which offers a set of unique approaches to the genre of Battle Royale. The game may start off slow and somehow unimpressive probably because there’s no training upfront. But as you stick with it and play match after match while learning the various nuances, it will gradually begin to grow on you. I like it and would recommend that you try out the experience.


  • Excellent options for customization
  • Pleasant and enjoyable graphics
  • Repetitive after some time
  • Exploitable and glitchy melee

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